Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Trump Hits Back at Pelosi, Threatening Her Trip to See Troops”

The Washington Post: “State Dept. employees ordered back to work as Trump nixes Pelosi trip and Davos delegation, citing shutdown”

The Wall Street Journal: “U.S. Debates Lifting China Tariffs to Hasten Trade Deal, Calm Markets”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “‘Major’ winter storm to wallop Pa. this weekend”

BBC: “Australia swelters through record-breaking heatwave”

CNN: “Buzzfeed: Sources say Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about proposed Moscow project”

FOX: “Trump cancels US delegation to Davos summit, Sanders says”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “White House Redefines Who is Essential to Get Parts of Government Moving Again”

The Washington Post: “Killing of 4 Americans in Syria throws spotlight on Trump’s policy”

The Wall Street Journal: “Poll-Rigging for Trump and Creating @WomenForCohen: One IT Firm’s Work Order”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “‘Blockbuster’ storm to bring snow, wintry mix to PA.”

BBC: “Brexit: Theresa May pushes for cross-party consensus”

CNN: “Trump’s shutdown nightmare: A choice between the economy and the wall”

FOX: “Giuliani claims ‘I never said there was no collusion’ in Trump campaign”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “The Brexit Deal Failed in Parliament. What is Next for Britain?”

The Washington Post: “Trump administration calling nearly 50,000 back to work, unpaid, as shutdown drags on”

The Wall Street Journal: “Shutdown is a ‘Hellacious Situation’ for Federal Government Contractors”

Harrisburg-Patriot News:  “How much do you really need to earn to support a family in each Pa. county?”

BBC: “Brexit: Theresa May faces confidence vote after huge defeat”

CNN: “Another good day for Putin as turmoil grips US and UK”

FOX: “Ocasio-Cortez set to join Maxine Waters on key financial services committee”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump Claims There is a Crisis at the Border. Here’s the Reality.”

The Washington Post: “The shutdown is giving some Trump advisers what they’ve long wanted: A smaller government”

The Wall Street Journal: “White House Looks to Chip Away at Democrats’ Resolve as Record Shutdown Rolls On”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Midweek snowstorm to be followed by possible ‘major’ storm this weekend”

BBC: “Brexit: Theresa May faces ‘meaningful vote’ on her deal”

CNN: “How powerful is the president? Barr hearing to test fundamental question”

FOX: “New migrant caravan leaves Honduras for journey to US border”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Pentagon Officials Fear Bolton’s Actions Increase Risk of Clash With Iran”

The Washington Post: Revelations about Manafort’s 2016 interactions with Russian associate show special counsel’s intense focus on Russia contacts”

The Wall Street Journal: “Slowing Earnings Growth, Gloomy Forecasts Add to Stock Market’s Woes”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Tom Wolf, at half-time, says he’ll focus on achievable goals”

BBC: “Theresa May says no Brexit more likely than no deal”

CNN: “Transcripts detail how FBI debated whether Trump was ‘following directions’ of Russia”

FOX: “Trump slams ‘Jeff Bozo,’ Washington Post over Amazon founder’s divorce”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “V.A. Seeks to Redirect Billions of Dollars into Private Care”

Washington Post: “Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration”

The Wall Street Journal: “Shutdown Breaks Record for Longest in Modern History”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Man fleeing officer crashes into truck carrying 6 headed to Farm Show, critically injuring driver: Police”

BBC: “Brexit failure a catastrophic breach of trust, says May”

CNN: “Washington Post: Trump concealed details from meetings with Putin”

FOX: “Dems fly to Puerto Rico on chartered jet, meet lobbyists, see ‘Hamilton’ as shutdown drags on”


Morning Headlines

New York Times: “F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia”

Washington Post: “‘Could you make these guys essential?’: Mortgage industry gets shutdown relief after appeal to senior Treasury officials”

The Wall Street Journal: “Shutdown Set to Eclipse Longest in Modern History”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “The Penn State 2019 crystal ball: A way-too-early list of predictions for the spring and beyond”

BBC: “Paris ‘gas explosion’ kills two firefighters in city centre”

CNN: “Record shutdown is a massive Washington failure”

FOX: “Trump slams ‘total sleaze’ Comey, ‘corrupt’ FBI leaders, after report bureau launched probe after director’s ouster”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “U.S. Forces Begin Withdrawing From Syria”

Washington Post: “Trump administration lays groundwork to declare national emergency to build wall”

The Wall Street Journal: “Chinese Huawei Executive Is Charged With Espionage in Poland” 

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Harrisburg Catholics seeking answers after clergy sex abuse scandal pack ‘listening session'”

BBC: “US Shutdown: Trump renews national emergency threat over wall”

CNN: “‘This is Jayme Closs! Call 911!’ Couple describes how missing teen ended up at their door”

FOX: “Jayme Closs fled captor and flagged down dog walker; suspect arrested: report”


Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump Storms Out of White House Meeting With Democrats on Shutdown”

Washington Post: “Trump walks out of shutdown negotiations after Democrats reject wall money, calls meeting ‘total waste of time'”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump Walks Out of Shutdown Talks, Calls Them ‘Total Waste of Time'”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “‘They argued pretty much the whole time’: Vigil held for troubled couple, son after apparent murder-suicide”

BBC: “Trump walks out of shutdown talks with a ‘bye-bye'”

CNN: “No way out: Trump walks out, Dems remain firm”

FOX: “Second death, more accusations sharpen focus on Ed Buck, California Democratic megadonor”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “As Deal Is Reached With Kavanaugh’s Accuser, Feinstein Calls for Delay”

Washington Post: “Feinstein calls for delay in Kavanaugh nomination after new allegation”

Wall Street Journal: “Kavanaugh Accuser Agrees to Testify at Thursday Hearing”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Best places to live in the U.S. (according to Money magazine). How did Pa. rank?”

BBC: “Trump court nominee faces new sex claim”

CNN: “Kavanaugh’s nomination just got more complicated”

FOX: “Grassley promises evaluation of new claims against Kavanaugh, hits Dems for withholding info”

The Morning Headlines are Back!


The Way of Improvement Leads Home blog intern Devon Hearn is back in the saddle after spending the summer in Kenya.  This means that our “Morning Headlines” feature is also back.  Check in every morning to see daily headlines from The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe Wall Street Journal, the BBC, CNN, and Fox News.  And for those who are local, we also post the daily headline from The Harrisburg Patriot News.

We have found that teachers have found these headlines useful not only for getting up to speed with current events, but also for teaching their students how to detect bias in various news sources.