Celebrating the Career of Linda Kerber

I just learned about this conference at the University of Iowa devoted to the career of early American historian Linda Kerber.  Perhaps best known for coining the phrase “republican motherhood,” Kerber’s contribution to the field goes well beyond her famous Women of the Republic: Intellect and Ideology in Revolutionary America.  (I also learned a great deal from some of her early work on the Federalists).

It looks like the University of Iowa has attracted an impressive array of scholars, many of them former students, to celebrate her life and and work.  Speakers include: Mary Kelley, Arnita Jones, Stanley Katz, Mechal Sobel, James Grossman, Sheila Skemp, Alice Kessler-Harris, Mary Maples Dunn, and Linda Gordon, Robert Gross, and Mary Dudziak.

HT: Historiann