Morning Headlines

The New York Times: Trump Plans National Emergency to Build Border Wall as Congress Passes Spending Bill”

The Washington Post: “‘Off the rails’: Inside Trump’s attempt to frame border wall defeat as a victory”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump to Sign Spending Deal, Declare National Emergency”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Shot and killed in Nashville, singer Kyle Yorlets comes home to Carlisle”

BBC: “Trump to declare emergency over Mexico border wall”

CNN: “Republicans pay the price for Trump’s wall crusade”

FOX: “Alan Dershowitz: Ousting Trump via 25th amendment is ‘clearly an attempt at a coup d’etat'”


Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Trump Puts Best Face on Border Deal, as Aides Try to Assuage an Angry Right”

The Washington Post: “Judge finds Manafort lied to Mueller probe about contacts with Russian aide”

The Wall Street Journal: “Judge Rules Paul Manafort Lied in Violation of Plea Deal”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Second forum on legalizing pot again dominated by those who support it”

BBC: “British IS schoolgirl ‘wants to return home'”

CNN: “Manafort bombshell deepens mystery in Russia probe”

FOX: “Menendez threatens to call police on reporter asking about Green New Deal: report”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Parkland: A Year After the School Shooting That Was Supposed to Change Everything”

The Washington Post: “How Manafort’s 2016 cigar club meeting with a Russian goes to ‘the heart’ of Mueller’s probe”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump is Lukewarm on Border-Funding Deal”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Penn State alumni trustees: Freeh report on Sandusky case ‘unreliable and misleading,’ harmed school”

BBC: “Venezuela in crisis: John Guaido vows to bring in aid”

CNN: “Going it alone on the wall would be peak Trump”

FOX: “Cottin says media was ‘Stalin-like’ in Ocasio-Cortez Green Deal cover up”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: With Shutdown Looming, Border Deal reached ‘in Principle'”

The Washington Post: “Lawmakers say they have reached an ‘agreement in principle’ to avoid government shutdown”

The Wall Street Journal: “Lawmakers Reach Agreement in Principle to Fund Border Security, Avoid Shutdown”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Winter storm brings snow, sleet, freezing rain: The latest”

BBC: “US border security deal reached to avert shutdown”

CNN: “Washington braces for Trump to weigh in on shutdown deal”

FOX: “Ocasio-Cortez blasts Trump’s comparison of Green New Deal to ‘HS term paper'”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Talks Over Border Security Break Down, Imperiling Effort to Prevent Shutdown”

The Washington Post: “Shutdown looms as border talks break down over immigration enforcement”

The Wall Street Journal: “Border-Security Funding Negotiations Stall as Shutdown Looms”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: The 75 best school districts in Pennsylvania, based on academics, school life, and more”

BBC: “US shutdown looms as border talks stall ahead of deadline”

CNN: “Washington on the brink as new shutdown looms”

FOX: “Ilhan Omar’s AIPAC tweet sparks condemnation, including from Chelsea Clinton”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: ‘It’s Cold as Hell’: Inside a Brooklyn Jail’s Weeklong Crisis”

The Washington Post: “Virginians are split on governor’s fate amid blackface scandal, poll shows”

The Wall Street Journal: “Amazon Is Reconsidering Plan to Put Campus in New York”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Central Pa. musician gunned down in Tennessee: ‘Everyone who met him was amazed'”

BBC: “Turkey demands China close camps after reports of musician’s death”

CNN: “Valerie Reyes called her mom in panic. She vanished within days and her body was found in a suitcase”

FOX: “Border-security advocates form ‘human wall’ along US-Mexico border”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “A Tidal Wave of Mud: Brazil Dam Collapse”

The Washington Post: “Second woman accuses Va. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault”

The Wall Street Journal: “Amazon is Reconsidering Plan to Put Campus in New York”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Central Pa. family grieves over senseless killing of brother and son, a promising musician in Nashville”

BBC: “Second woman accuses Virginia deputy governor of assault”

CNN: “The battle is on between Trump and his Democratic foes”

FOX: “Omar calls for defunding Homeland Security–after 1 hour of insisting that TSA workers get backpay”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Supreme Court Blocks Louisiana Abortion Law”

The Washington Post: “Supreme Court on 5-to-4 vote blocks restrictive Louisiana abortion law”

The Wall Street Journal: “Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Accuses Tabloid of Attempted Blackmail”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Sunday hunting in Pa. gets closer than ever to being approved. What’s different this time?”

BBC: “Jeff Bezos: Amazon boss accuses National Enquirer of blackmail”

CNN: “After fight over subpoena, Whitaker to testify before House panel Friday”

FOX: “Ocasio-Cortez contradicts herself on role of government in massive and unprecedented ‘Green New Deal'”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Second Virginia Democrat Says He Wore Blackface, Throwing Party Into Turmoil”

The Washington Post: “Trump lashes out as Democrats step up inquiries of president and administration”

The Wall Street Journal: “Virginia Leadership in Crisis as Attorney General Apologizes for Using Blackface”

Harrisburg-Patriot News“Lt. Gov John Fetterman to kick off pot legalization listening tour next week; ‘I want it to be an open exchange'”

BBC: “Brexit: UK will not be ‘trapped’ in backstop, May to tell EU”

CNN: “As Mueller prove winds down, House Trump investigation powers up”

FOX: “Warren apologizes for Native American claim, signals there may be other documents out there”


Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Trump Asks for Unity, but Presses Hard Line on Immigration”

The Washington Post: “In dissonant State of the Union speech, Trump seeks unity while depicting ruin”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump Seeks to Reset Border-Wall Debate”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “What state has the highest gas prices?”

BBC: “State of the Union: Trump announces second North Korea summit”

CNN: “Trump’s call for compromise is only on his own terms”

FOX: “Democrats unmoved by Trump’s State of the Union bid to break gridlock on border security”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Trump Inaugural Committee Ordered to Hand Over Documents to Federal Investigators”

The Washington Post: “Federal prosecutors issue sweeping subpoena for documents from Trump inaugural committee, a sign of a deepening criminal probe”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump Inaugural Committee Is Subpoenaed for Documents”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Christian Hackenberg’s second chance: Is Memphis his last pro stop, or is an NFL return on the horizon?

BBC: “Paris fire: Ten dead and many injured at apartment block”

CNN: “The circus singer and the Godfather of soul”

FOX: “‘Green New Deal’ details emerge, as Ocasio-Cortez preps big reveal of WW2-level mobilization” 

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Trump Calls for Keeping Troops in Iraq to Watch Iran, Possibly Upending ISIS Fight”

The Washington Post: “Northam meets with senior staff and considers options, including resignation”

The Wall Street Journal: “Virginia Governor Rebuffs Fellow Democrats, Risks Undermining Party in 2020”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Super Bowl 2019: Patriots take 6th NFL championship with 13-3 win over Rams”

BBC: “Venezuela crisis: European states recognise Guaido as president”

CNN: “Trump ignites new immigration furor ahead of State of the Union”

FOX: “Adam Levine breaks silence after Maroon 5’s Super Bowl Halftime Show”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Trump, in Interview, Calls Wall Talks ‘Waste of Time’ and Dismisses Investigations”

The Washington Post: “Republicans seize on liberal positions to paint Democrats as radical”

The Wall Street Journal: “Employers Added 304,000 Jobs in January, More Than Expected”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Police officer, toddler he saved reunite after 19 years”

BBC: “Australia weather: January was hottest month on record”

CNN: “Exclusive: Trump Jr.’s mysterious calls weren’t with his father”

FOX: “Where is Baghdadi? Inside the hunt for the elusive ISIS leader, the world’s most wanted man”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “A Merciless Cold Lingers in the Midwest”

The Washington Post: “In latest attack on intelligence agencies, Trump ignores where they actually agree”

The Wall Street Journal: “Central Banks Signal End to Short-Lived Era of Restraint”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Companies to watch in 2019: Closings, bankruptcies, expansions and a designer of a ‘flying taxi’ skyport”

BBC: “Polar vortex brings deadly cold snap to US states”

CNN: “Even some Republicans balk as Trump targets US spy chiefs”

FOX: “University of Iowa student dies during polar vortex; 7 other deaths linked to wintry blast”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “U.S. Midwest Freezes, Australia Burns: This is the Age of Weather Extremes”

The Washington Post: “Trump’s company plans to expand check of employees’ legal status following report that it hired undocumented workers for years”

The Wall Street Journal: “Federal Reserve Expected to Hold Rates Steady”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Polar vortex arrives in Pa.; Here’s some tips for how to cope with below-zero cold”

BBC: “Brexit: EU ‘united’ on deal as Theresa May asks for talks”

CNN: “‘Coldest air in a generation’ hits the Midwest. Officials warn of almost instant frostbite”

FOX: “$480 in gold bars prepared for loading onto Russian jet at Venezuelan airport: report”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Taliban Talks Raise Question of What U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan Could Mean”

The Washington Post: “Justice Dept. charges Huawei with fraud, ratcheting up U.S.-China tensions”

The Wall Street Journal: “PG&E Files for Bankruptcy Following California Wildfires”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “After eight decades, central Pa.’s largest private company is moving out of Harrisburg”

BBC: “Huawei denies wrongdoing after US criminal charges”

CNN: “Trump shows weakness as 2020 rivals emerge”

FOX: “New details of 2016 meeting with Trump dossier author conflict with Dems’ timeline”

Morning Headlines

The New York  Times: “As Government Reopens, the New Congress Tries to Begin Again”

The Washington Post: “‘It feels like we are still hostages’: Federal contractors who lost health insurance during shutdown remain in limbo”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump Skeptical He Would Accept Any Congressional Border Deal”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Restaurants in Cumberland and Perry counties with the most serious food safety violations in 2018”

BBC: “Venezuela crisis: White House ‘will respond to threats against diplomats'”

CNN: “Shutdown debacle leaves Trump with stark choices”

FOX: “Trump doubts he’d accept any deal Congress strikes for border wall”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “America Pushes Allies to Fight Huawei in New Arms Race with China”

The Washington Post: “‘Pelosi does not mess around’: Democratic speaker emerges triumphant from shutdown”

The Wall Street Journal: “President Trump, Day After Shutdown Ends, Says ‘We Will Build the Wall'”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Plans made to honor men killed in State College shooting spree”

BBC: “Trudeau fires Canada’s ambassador to China amid Huwawei controversy”

CNN: “Inside the White House, aides and advisers are despondent over a wasted month”

FOX: “Trump slams ‘one-sided’ media, says BuzzFeed, HuffPost layoffs result from ‘bad journalism'”


Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Trump Signs Bill Reopening Government for 3 Weeks in Surprise Retreat from Wall”

The Washington Post: “Trump signs bill to open the government, ending the longest shutdown in history”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump Signs Spending Bill, Ending Longest Shutdown in U.S. History”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Man who killed 3, himself in State College wanted to be a cop, relatives say”

BBC: “Trump backs down to end painful shutdown temporarily”

CNN: “How Nancy Pelosi broke Donald Trump”

FOX: “Trump signs bill to end partial government shutdown”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Nancy Pelosi, a Woman in Control, is a Rival Who Flummoxes Trump”

The Washington Post: “Senators negotiate in hopes of ending shutdown as dueling plans fail”

The Wall Street Journal: “Shutdown Talks Revived After Senate Bills Fail”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Senate Democrats launch investigation of 1991 sexual misconduct claim against Sen. Daylin Leach”

BBC: “Queen makes plea for Britons to find ‘common ground'”

CNN: “No one knows how Trump plans to end the shutdown”

FOX: “Bernie Sanders acknowledges ‘economy is a disaster’ in Venezuela, as Omar accuses Trump of coup effort”