The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Health Bill Is in Peril as G.O.P. Support Wanes After Report”

Washington Post: “CBO analysis could make it harder for Senate GOP to secure votes for health bill “

Wall Street Journal: “Ahead of Senate Health Vote, CBO Says 22 Million More to Be Uninsured”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Beyond salaries, taxpayers also paid $2.4M to feed, house lawmakers over a year”

BBC: “Google hit with record $2.7bn EU fine”

CNN: “Secret video reveals weakened ISIS”

FOX: “TRUMP WARNS ASSAD White House says Syria potentially prepping another chemical attack”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Senate Leaders Push on Health Bill; Opposition Gains Strength”

Washington Post: “Kushner firm given $285 million Deutsche Bank loan a month before Election Day”

Wall Street Journal: “GOP Senators Lay Out Demands Ahead of Health Bill Vote”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Imbalance of power: Pa. gerrymander gave GOP a big boost in 2016, analysis finds”

BBC: “Tories and DUP agree UK government deal”

CNN: “Senate health care bill faces growing opposition”

FOX: “‘VERY SERIOUS MISTAKE’: Key Dem calls out Obama administration
over Russian meddling”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “U.S. Raids on ISIS Yield Vital Data in Shadowy War”

Washington Post: “Senate health-care bill faces resistance from GOP moderates”

Wall Street Journal: “Ahead of Fed Stress Test Results, Banks Have Less to Fear”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Cigarettes, gambling and jobs: What you need to know about Pa.’s budget deadline talks”

BBC: “Tanker inferno kills scores in Pakistan”

CNN: “3 trials, 0 convictions in fatal police shootings”

FOX: “LYNCH IN THE HOT SEAT Chaffetz says Dems should be concerned by Senate investigation”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “G.O.P. Senator Vital to Health Bill’s Passage Opposes It”

Washington Post: “Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault”

Wall Street Journal: “Health Bill Vote Gets Tighter for Senate Republicans”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “‘Her touch was disaster’: Agnes hit 45 years ago”

BBC: “At least 140 missing in China landslide”

CNN: “Trump on Mueller: ‘We’re going to have to see'”

FOX: “TRUMP’S ALL EAR Trudeau: President actually listens, says NAFTA not going anywhere”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “On Health Bill, McConnell May Still See a Loss as a Victory”

Washington Post: “Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault”

Wall Street Journal:  “Senate Health Bill Sets Up Showdown Among Republicans”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Rain all day: Remains of Tropical Storm Cindy to soak Pa.”

BBC: “Grenfell Tower fire began in fridge freezer”

CNN: “How Trump’s press tactics hurt you”

FOX: ‘”THE WHOLE THING IS RIDICULOUS’ Trump, in ‘Fox & Friends’ interview, says Mueller’s team in Russia probe”
is full of ‘Hillary Clinton supporters'”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: Democrats Take Stock: ‘Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump’”

Washington Post: “Senate Republicans set to release health-care bill, but divisions remain”

Wall Street Journal: “Some GOP Senators Hold Back Support for Health-Care Bill”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Cosby juror: “If we kept going, there was definitely going to be a fight””

BBC: “Mosul mosque’s ruin ‘shows IS defeat'”

CNN: “Intel chiefs say Trump suggested refuting Russia collusion”

Trump to ask for legislation barring immigrants from public aid for 5 years”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Uber C.E.O. Resigns After Shareholders Stage a Revolt”

Washington Post: “Uber founder resigns as CEO amid a shareholder revolt”

Wall Street Journal: “Uber CEO Kalanick Quits as Investors Revolt”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Bruce Bond on WTPA’s political comments ban: ‘This has only become a thing since Trump became president'”

BBC: “Saudi king ousts nephew for son”

CNN: “Democrats just went 0-4. How can they win?”

FOX: “GOP ROCKS GEORGIA: Handel beats Ossoff despite Dems’ big-bucks effort”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Court Case on Gerrymanders Could Reshape Politics in U.S.”

Washington Post: “Death of U-Va. student could lead to North Korea travel ban”

Wall Street Journal: “Senate GOP Sets Ambitious Deadline on Health-Care Vote”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: Pa. lawmakers want to kiss Keystone Exams and seniority-based layoffs goodbye”

BBC: “Barclays charged with fraud in Qatar case”

CNN: “Trump attacks Dem in high-stakes race”

FOX: “BREAKING NEWS Armed Russian jet comes within
5 feet of US recon aircraft”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “World Leaders Wary of Trump May Have an Ally: Congress”

Washington Post: “Van strikes crowd near London mosques in apparent terror attack”

Wall Street Journal: “Van Plows Into Crowd Near London Mosque in Suspected Terror Attack”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Ranking the Mid-Penn’s top college football prospects”

BBC: “PM condemns ‘sickening’ terror attack”

CNN: “Terror attack on Muslims in London”

FOX: “DEADLY DRIVER BLEW A KISS Terror eyed after van plows into London mosque crowd, killing 1”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Flynn’s Disdain for Limits Led to a Legal Quagmire”

Washington Post: “Turmoil compounds White House’s struggles to fill out top ranks of government”

Wall Street Journal: “Navy Ship Collision Leaves Seven Dead, Cabin Crushed”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Christian Pulisic comes home to Hershey, Summer Classic”

BBC: “Forest fires kill 58 in central Portugal”

CNN: “7 US sailors found dead”

FOX: “SEARCH CALLED OFF US Navy ends hunt for 7 missing sailors as bodies are found in the ship”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump Lashes Out at Justice Dept. Official Over Inquiry”

Washington Post: “Trump puts pressure on deputy attorney general, a key figure in Russia probe”

Wall Street Journal: “Amazon’s Whole Foods Buy Puts Wal-Mart in Crosshairs”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Another day ends without a verdict in the Bill Cosby case” 

BBC: “Seven US Navy Crew missing after crash”

CNN: “7 US sailors missing after collision”

FOX: “RACE AGAINST TIME Japan leads hunt for 7 US Navy sailors after collision at sea”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Transition Team Ordered to Save Files Related to Russia Inquiry”

Washington Post: “Trump lashes out after reports of obstruction probe; Pence hires a lawyer”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump to Tighten Policy on Cuba, Curbing Tourism”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Ocean City could become the battleground for topless rights”

BBC: “Queen visits Grenfell fire relief centre”

CNN: “Mueller beefs up special counsel office” 

FOX: “LOOSE LIPS Media leaks plague Mueller probe”

The Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Special Counsel Interview List Is Said to Point at Trump Inquiry” 

Washington Post: “House majority whip in critical condition after horrific ballfield shooting”

Wall Street Journal: “Mueller Probe Examining If Trump Obstructed Justice”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Topless sunbathing proves bad for Ocean City’s bottom line”

BBC: “London fire death toll rises to 17”

CNN: “Scalise in critical condition after horrific shooting”

FOX: “PLEA FOR POLITICAL UNITY Republicans, Democrats call to ease hostility after Scalise shooting”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: ” Sessions’ Denies Collusion With Russians As ‘Detestable Lie'”

Washington Post: “Sessions Silent on talks with Trump, denies collusion with Russia”

Wall Street Journal: “Federal Reserve Expected to Deliver Rate Increase”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Who are the biggest tax scofflaws in Pennsylvania”

BBC: “Six dead after huge tower block fire”

CNN: “Six killed in massive London high-rise blaze”

FOX: “WILL IT COLLAPSE? Engineers monitor London high-rise in massive blaze; at least 6 killed, police say”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump Friend Says He May Consider Firing Special Counsel”

Washington Post: “With lawsuit, democratic state attorneys general escalate campaign against Trump”

Wall Street Journal: “Sessions to Testify on Russia Probe, Comey Allegations”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Meet 22 astronauts with Pennsylvania roots”

BBC: “Food poisoning hits hundreds in Iraq camp”

CNN: “Sessions’ turn in the hot seat”

FOX: “LONGTIME LEAKER? Team Trump accuses Comey of being media’s secret source”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Cyberweapons Are Tougher for U.S. to Use Against ISIS”

Washington Post: D.C., Maryland to sue Trump over foreign payments to his businesses”

Wall Street Journal: “Jeff Immelt to Step Down as CEO of GE; Flannery Takes Role”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Pittsburgh Penguins win second straight Stanley Cup”

BBC: “Macron party on course for big win”

CNN: “Russia cloud settles in over Trump’s White House”

FOX: “Ivanka Trump: Surprised by DC’s ‘viciousness’; says father vindicated” 

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Selling Lethal Drugs in the Dark Corners of the Internet”

Washington Post: “Trump sees Comey’s testimony as ‘complete vindication’ – and his fans agree”

Wall Street Journal: “DOJ Argues Trump’s Businesses Can Get Foreign Payments”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: Anti-Sharia march takes over state capitol steps”

BBC: “Fallon defends DUP government ‘deal'”

CNN: “Presidential Cold Shoulder”

FOX: “TAKING THE STAND AG Jeff Sessions to testify before Senate intelligence committee”  


Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump Accuses Comey of Lies; Offers Sworn Testimony” 

Washington Post: “Comey’s sharing of notes about Trump doesn’t make him a criminal, analysts say” 

Wall Street Journal: “Trump Disputes Comey’s Account of Talk”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Body of missing Middletown woman found”

BBC: “May told sack advisers or face challenge”

CNN: “Investigators seek White House recordings” 

FOX: “DOSSIER DOUBTS REMAIN Comey refuses to answer questions on topic, cites sensitive information” 

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Britain’s Conservatives Lose Majority” 

Washington Post: “Britain’s May resists calls to step down after Conservative losses” 

Wall Street Journal: “May’s Call for Vote Backfires in U.K.”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “We are seeing an increased level of violence involving children’: advocate”

BBC: “May to stay as PM with DUP support”

CNN: “British PM May hangs on”

Fox: “LAST RESORT? May to ask queen’s permission to form government”