Morning Headlines

New York Times: “G.O.P. Budget Plan Passes Senate, Easing Way to Tax Cut”

Washington Post: “Senate approves budget in crucial step for GOP tax cuts”

Wall Street Journal: “GE Slashes Outlook, Will Exit Businesses Totaling $20 Billion”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Harrisburg wants to see Amazon warehouse at former state hospital grounds”

BBC: “Brexit deadlock talk ‘exaggerated’ says Tusk”

CNN: “What Trump did in days before discussing ambush”

FOX: “9th Circuit green-lights challenge to Golden State’s ban on prostitution”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Mother of Slain Soldier Says Trump Was Disrespectful”

Washington Post: “Trump promised $25,000 to a grieving military father in a phone call. The check hasn’t arrived.”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump Shifts View, Signals Opposition to Health-Care Deal”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Suspected killer arrested with gun two days after fatal home invasion”

BBC: “Spain moves to suspend Catalan autonomy”

CNN: “Trump reacts and a crisis is born”

FOX: “Rep who slammed Trump has voted numerous times against vets and their families, data show”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “2 Senators Have Deal on Health Subsidies That Trump Cut Off”

Washington Post: “Second judge halts latest travel ban, says Trump’s own words show it was aimed at Muslims”

Wall Street Journal: “With ACA in Limbo, Insurers Brace for Drop in Enrollment”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Here’s what some cities are doing to try to woo Amazon”

BBC: “Trump denies making soldier’s widow cry”

CNN: “What did the President say?”

FOX: “President Trump blasts Comey, Obama DOJ in wake of explosive report”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Amid the Feud, a Public Show of Unity by Trump and McConnell”

Washington Post: “Trump declines to express confidence in drug czar nominee, will declare opioid crisis next week”

Wall Street Journal: “U.S. Seeks to Stay Neutral in Iraqi, Kurdish Conflict”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Senator to Trump: Withdraw Pa. Rep. Tom Marino’s nomination as drug czar”

BBC: “US urges calm as Kirkuk crisis escalates”

CNN: “Off Puerto Rico, hospital ship sits nearly empty”

FOX: “North Korea warns its neighbors: ‘Nuclear war may break out any moment'”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump to Scrap Subsidies Seen as Essential to Obamacare”

Washington Post: “Throwing a bomb into the insurance markets, Trump now owns the busted health-care system”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump to End Subsidies to Health Insurers Under ACA”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Pa. woman, family leave Pakistan after rescue from Taliban in shootout”

BBC: “Rose McGowan accuses Weinstein of rape”

CNN: “Trump will end crucial Obamacare subsidies”

FOX: “Trump to halt ‘massive subsidy payments’ to health insurers ‘immediately’”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump’s Talk of Scrapping Nafta Could Soon Become Reality”

Washington Post: “Trump threatens to abandon Puerto Rico recovery efforts”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump Plans to Sign Order to Unwind Health-Care Law”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Woman’s letter to the editor catches Trump’s attention, earns mention in speech”

BBC: “Trump loses patience with Puerto Rico”

CNN: “We can’t aid Puerto Rico forever, Trump tweets”

FOX: “American who gave birth three times while captive in Afghanistan released with husband, children”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “California Fires Lay Waste to 115,000 Acres and Rage On”

Washington Post: “Trump’s Puerto Rico video tells positive story, leaves misery on cutting-room floor”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump Wants to Weaken Nafta’s Influence, Power”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Trump visits Harrisburg area today: What will he talk about?”

BBC: “Harvey Weinstein’s wife leaves him”

CNN: “Trump may ease up on Twitter spats for tax push”

FOX: “President crows as NFL boss Goodell cries ‘uncle,’ tells teams players should stand”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Wildfires Sweep Across Northern California; at Least 10 Dead”

Washington Post: “Trump aides scramble to manage the president’s outbursts”

Wall Street Journal: “GE Adds Trian to Board as CEO Seeks to Stem Stock Slide”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Trump in Harrisburg: What we know about his visit Wednesday”

BBC: “N Korea hacks ‘US-S Korea war plan'”

CNN: “High winds fuel deadly California wildfires”

FOX: “At least 10 killed, more than 100 reported missing in Northern California fires”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “White House to Tie Hard-Line Conditions Into ‘Dreamers’ Deal”

Washington Post: White House releases immigration demands that could threaten deal on ‘dreamers’”

Wall Street Journal: “White House Sends Congress a Wish List on Immigration”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Tropical Storm Nate: How much rain should the midstate expect today?”

BBC: “Trump ties border wall to Dreamer plan”

CNN: “Trump’s DACA plan riles Dems”

FOX: “Jerry Jones gives Cowboys players ultimatum: Stand for national anthem or sit for game”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “‘Resistance,’ Raising Big Money, Upends Liberal Politics”

Washington Post: Republicans largely abandon their platform of fiscal restraint”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump to Sign Order Easing Health Plan Rules, Official Says”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Latest on Hurricane Nate: Pa. is in storm’s path”

BBC: “Catalan declaration ‘will have not effect'” 

CNN: “Nate moves inland”

FOX: “Trump says he’s willing to pursue ‘temporary deal’ on health care”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump Rolls Back Mandate on Birth Control Coverage”

Washington Post: “Trump backers eager to ‘drain the swamp’ help fill GOP coffers”

Wall Street Journal: “GE CEO Shakes Up Leadership Amid Pressure to Reboot”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Latest on Hurricane Nate: How will Pa. be affected?”

BBC: “Rallies call for Spain unity after vote”

CNN: “New Orleans braces for hurricane hit”

FOX: “Intensifying Category 1 hurricane barrels north with US landfall expected late Saturday”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “No Manifesto, No Phone Calls: Killer Left Only Cryptic Clues”

Washington Post: “Trump’s Iran decision imperils vital alliances with European allies”

Wall Street Journal: “U.S. Sheds 33,000 Jobs as Hurricanes Keep Hiring Muted”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Sniper scouted other cities; more updates from Vegas shootings”

BBC: “Anti-nucelar arms group wins Nobel prize”

CNN: “Vegas shooter tried to buy tracer rounds”

FOX: “Trump’s ominous remark during meeting with Pentagon brass sparks broad speculation”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “G.O.P. Leaders Say Rapid-Fire Device May Be Worth a Ban”

Washington Post: “Some Republicans open to discussing Democrats’ proposal to ban device used in the Vegas attack”

Wall Street Journal: “Las Vegas Shooter’s Partner Says She Is Mystified by Attack”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Gov. Tom Wolf to turn to liquor stores to close deficit”

BBC: “Vegas gunman’s girlfriend ‘had no clue'” 

CNN: “Killer planned to escape”

FOX: “Las Vegas gunman shot at massive fuel tanks during shooting spree, report says”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Gunman Made Meticulous Plan Before Assault in Las Vegas”

Washington Post: “Investigators hope girlfriend can provide clues into shooter’s motive”

Wall Street Journal: “Las Vegas Gunman Planned ‘Extensively’”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Las Vegas shooting hits Shippensburg: How do you tell kids their coach is gone?”

BBC: “Las Vegas killer’s girlfriend in US”

CNN: “A meticulously planned attack”

FOX: “Vegas gunman planned girlfriend’s trip so she wouldn’t interfere in massacre, sisters say”

Morning Headlines


Washington Post: “Police struggle to discern motive after 59 killed, hundreds hurt in Las Vegas”

Wall Street Journal: “Police Probe Las Vegas Shooter’s Motive”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Family of Shippensburg coach seeks answers in Las Vegas”

BBC: “Police hunt for Las Vegas killer’s motive”

CNN: “Lots of guns and questions”

FOX: “GoFundMe page raises over $2M as volunteers wait for hours to donate blood for Las Vegas shooting victims”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “More Than 50 Dead in Las Vegas Shooting”

Washington Post: “At least 50 dead, more than 400 injured in Las Vegas shooting”

Wall Street Journal: “Las Vegas Shooting Leaves at Least 50 Dead, More Than 200 Wounded”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Las Vegas shooting kills 50, wounds 200”

BBC: “At least 50 dead in Las Vegas shooting”


FOX: “MASSACRE ON THE STRIP: At least 50 killed, 406 hospitalized in Vegas attack; gunman ID’d”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “One Day in Battered Puerto Rico”

Washington Post: “How the military kept a colonel’s sexual misconduct hidden from the public”

Wall Street Journal: “Tillerson Says U.S. Is Talking Directly With North Korea”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Penn State vs. Indiana: Recap”

BBC: “Clashes as Catalan voters defy Madrid”

CNN: “Trump’s tweets on Puerto Rico make things worse”

FOX: “O.J. Simpson released from Nevada prison”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Price Resigns After Drawing Ire for Private Jet Flights”

Washington Post: “How Trump’s time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria”

Wall Street Journal: “Tom Price Resigns as HHS Chief After Criticism of Jet Use”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “What happens in downtown Harrisburg on a Friday night?”

BBC: “Police seal off Catalan polling stations”

CNN: “Tom Price broke Trump’s cardinal rule”

FOX: “NFL’s Michael Bennett should apologize to Las Vegas cops, union leader says”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Lobbyists Rally to Save Breaks Under Threat in New Tax Plan”

Washington Post: “Price apologizes, pledges to reimburse taxpayers for part of the cost of his flights”

Wall Street Journal: “Republican Tax Plan Hits First Hurdle”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Is Pennsylvania going to have a state budget soon?”

BBC: “Trump vows to tackle N Korea on Asia trip”

CNN: “White House feels the heat on Puerto Rico”

FOX: “Report: 5 million seek to enlist in North Korean army after Trump threat”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump Proposes Most Sweeping Tax Overhaul in Decades”

Washington Post: “Alabama defeat weakens and isolates Trump as his problems grow”

Wall Street Journal: “GOP Pushes for Steep Tax Cuts in Sweeping Overhaul”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Mystery widens into death of 26-year-old Harrisburg woman shot Monday night”

BBC: “Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies aged 91”

CNN: “Private jets scandal, tax plan test Trump’s brand”

FOX: “Nearly 80 Obama appointees took career-level jobs in government, report says”