Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump’s Afghan Strategy Likely to Increase Troop Levels”

Washington Post: “U.S. destroyer, tanker collide near Singapore; 10 sailors missing”

Wall Street Journal: “10 Sailors Missing After U.S. Navy Ship Collision in Asia”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “How and when to watch the solar eclipse in Pa.”

BBC: “Eclipse set to grip US public”

CNN: “The day the sun disappears is here”

FOX: “HAVOC ON THE HIGH SEAS: Search underway for 10 missing US sailors after USS John S. McCain collision”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Will Bannon’s White House Agenda Survive Without Him?”

Washington Post: “Bannon’s departure is unlikely to calm the turmoil in Trump’s White House”

Wall Street Journal: “Mnuchin Rejects Calls to Resign, Defends Trump”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Kidnapping, robbery ends following police pursuit”

BBC: “Spain mourns victims at Barcelona mass”

CNN: “North Korea warns of ‘merciless strike'”

FOX: “‘ADDING FUEL TO FIRE’ N. Korea issues warning as S. Korea, US prepare for annual war games”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Bannon’s White House Run Comes to End”

Washington Post: “Trump ousts White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon”

Wall Street Journal: “Bannon Exit Leaves Questions About What Comes Next”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Powerball lottery jackpot tops half a billion dollars”

BBC: “New manhunt for Barcelona attack driver”

CNN: “Bannon or no Bannon, Trump will be Trump”

FOX: “‘PEOPLE LOVED HIM’ Family mourns American killed in Spain while celebrating anniversary”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Terrorists Strike in Spain, Killing 14”

Washington Post: “Barcelona reels under coordinated assault that leaves at least 13 victims dead”

Wall Street Journal: Hunt for Driver Widens as Second Attack Hits Spain, Five Suspects Are Killed”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “These are the best-ranked elementary schools in Pennsylvania”

BBC: “Massive manhunt for Spain attack”

CNN: “Trump drives his few political friends away”

FOX: “SPAIN ON HIGH ALERT Death toll rises in attack, second plot foiled in early morning shootout”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump Opens Breach With Party, Military and Industry”

Washington Post: “Trump has a long history of fostering racial divisions”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump Remarks on Violent Rally Rattle Aides, Risk Agenda”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Can we avoid the violence seen in Charlottesville?”

BBC: “North Korea war could be ‘horrific'”

CNN: “Who can lead America?”

FOX: “‘DISGUSTING LIE’: Trump slams Graham over Charlottesville comment”


Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump, Bowing to Pressure, Rebukes White Supremacists”

Washington Post: “Trump tries to quell outrage over Va. remarks, denounces white supremacists”

Wall Street Journal: “North Korea Backs Off Guam Threat”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Gettysburg Park hasn’t received complaints about Confederate monuments, won’t remove any”

BBC: “N Korea leader holds off on Guam threat”

CNN: “CEOs turn against Trump”

FOX: “SCARAMUCCI: I’D LOSE BANNON Ex-WH staffer takes aim at Trump’s chief strategist in late-night interview”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Charlottesville, and the World, Take Stock of Violent Episode”

Washington Post: “Teacher: Suspect charged in death at Va. protest was a Nazi sympathizer”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump Pressed to Reject White Nationalist Groups”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Lancaster holds vigil in response to Va. white supremacist rally, car attack”

BBC: “S Korean leader in plea to avoid war”

CNN: “‘A fondness for Adolf Hitler'”

FOX: “‘HAVE TO EXTINGUISH’ McMaster calls violent outbreak in Charlottesville ‘terrorism'”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Under Trump, Coal Mining Gets New Life on U.S. Lands”

Washington Post: “GOP governors stir tension by increasing police patrols to fight violence in cities”

Wall Street Journal: “North Korea Says It Would Use Nukes Only Against U.S.”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “GOP senator wants to bring next generation of school vouchers”

BBC: “North Korea warns US over sanctions”

CNN: “Ohio is in the grip of a mass-fatality crisis” 

FOX: “‘THOUSANDS-FOLD’ REVENGE Defiant N. Korea issues new threats against US after latest UN sanctions”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump Inquiry Hints at a Bias Against Whites by Universities”

Washington Post: “Trump’s demands are wearing thin on Senate Republicans”

Wall Street Journal: “White House Weighs Trade Measures Against China”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Pennsylvania schools with highest average teacher salary”

BBC: “US to N. Korea: ‘We’re not your enemy'”

CNN: “Senate to hold bipartisan health care hearings”

FOX: “TOUGHER ON TRADE? White House may invoke rarely used law to help
US businesses thrive in China”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Hardball With Senators Is a Risky Game for New Presidents”

Washington Post: “Trump dictated son’s misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer”

Wall Street Journal: “Scaramucci Ousted at Urging of New Chief of Staff Kelly”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “The wealthiest places in each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties”

BBC: “Trump ‘dictated’ son’s Russia statement”

CNN: “Scaramucci’s 250 hours of drama”

FOX: “MEASURE OF MENACE Experts downplay North Korea threat to US after latest missile test”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “After Sanctions, Putin Orders U.S. to Cut 755 Embassy Staff”

Washington Post: “Russia-U.S. tensions escalate as Moscow responds to sanctions” 

Wall Street Journal: “Discovery to Buy Scripps Networks for $11.9 Billion”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “As Philadelphia’s port expands, the surrounding road network braces for its impacts”

BBC: “Gun battle in Iraqi embassy in Kabul”

CNN: “On day 193, Trump (tries) to start over”

FOX: “KIM ON NOTICE US, Japan vow action against rogue North Korea after latest missile test”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “In One Week, Trump Is Defied at Seemingly Every Turn”

Washington Post: “Kelly is enlisted to enforce order, but can he tame Trump’s White House?”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump Warns China on North Korea”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Cops, medics hand out heroin overdose antidote like ‘candy,’ but does it enable addicts?”

BBC: “Australia ‘foils terror plot to bomb plane'”

CNN: “North Korea threatens ‘firm action’ against US”

FOX: “‘OVERWHELMING FORCE’ US prepared for ‘lethal’ response against North Korea, general says”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Priebus Out as Trump Chief of Staff”

Washington Post: “Priebus out in major White House shake-up”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump Replaces Priebus, Names Kelly Chief of Staff”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “2 tractor-trailer drivers killed in fiery I-81 crash”

BBC: “N.Korea ‘All US within missile range'”

CNN: “‘Whole US mainland’ in missile range, Kim says”

FOX: “‘ECONOMIC ENABLERS’ Tillerson calls out Russia, China for aiding N. Korea’s weapons program”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Senate Rejects Health Law Repeal, With McCain Casting the Decisive ‘No’ Vote”

Washington Post: “Senate’s attempt to repeal health-care law fails in dramatic vote”

Wall Street Journal: “‘Skinny’ Repeal of Obamacare Fails”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “No budget yet: Pa. House starts ‘review’ of tax-hike plan”

BBC: “US Senate healthcare repeal bill fails”

CNN: “Devastating defeat for GOP”

FOX: “LOOSE CANNON Scaramucci’s shocking tirade has underlings doing damage control”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Trump Bars Transgender People From Military”

Washington Post: “Trump ponders a recess appointment to replace Attorney General Sessions”

Wall Street Journal: “Senate Republicans’ Backup Health Plan Picks Up Support”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Tax hikes may be coming to Pa.: ‘We have avoided this day for a long time'”

BBC: “Israel relents on holy site stand-off”

CNN: “Conservatives: We didn’t ask for a ban”

FOX: “‘HANNITY’: Scaramucci vows hard-line stance on West Wing leaks”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Round 2 for Health Bill After a No Vote”

Washington Post: “Senators begin health-care debate — but even they don’t know where it will lead”

Wall Street Journal: “Health Debate Rolls On After First Option Fails”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “30,000 Pa. residents lose food stamps over federal work requirements”

BBC: “France wildfires force massive evacuation”

CNN: “Senate rejects repeal and replace”

FOX: “REPUBLICAN GRIDLOCK: Senate blocks plan to repeal ObamaCare”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “What to Watch For as Senate Meets to Vote on Health Care”

Washington Post: “Trump team weighs options for replacing Sessions”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump Chides GOP Senators Ahead of Health-Care Vote”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Taxes, college grants, worker pay: How Pa.’s budget debacle may impact you”

BBC: “Israel removes holy site metal detectors”

CNN: “GOP senators poised to vote on health care”

FOX: “TRUMP BLASTS POST President asks if Bezos-owned newspaper is a ‘lobbyist weapon'”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Sanctions Are a Setback Trump and Putin Both Sought to Avoid”

Washington Post: “Kushner to detail four meetings with Russians before election” 

Wall Street Journal: “Kushner, Russian Ambassador Had Undisclosed Contact”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Harrisburg School District ramps up recruitment amid teaching shortage”

BBC: “Trump son-in-law denies Russian collusion”

CNN: “Kushner: No additional contacts with Russians”

FOX: “TOP DEM’S DIRE PREDICTION Firing Mueller would cause ‘cataclysm’ in DC, Schumer says”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Congress Agrees on Sanctions for Russia, Defying White House”

Washington Post: “ISIS nearly stumbled on ingredients for ‘dirty bomb’ in Iraq”

Wall Street Journal: “Lawmakers Reach Deal on Sanctions Against Russia”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Plan B revenue package hits wall in Pa. House; speaker challenges Senate, governor to lead”

BBC: “Congress in deal on new Russia sanctions”

CNN: “8 found dead in trailer in San Antonio”

FOX: “GRISLY DISCOVERY: Police find 8 bodies inside 18-wheeler parked outside Walmart in San Antonio”

Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Spicer’s Abrupt Departure Rattles a White House on Edge”

Washington Post: “Sessions, Russian official discussed matters related to Trump campaign, intercepts show”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump Shakes Up Communications Staff; Spicer Quits”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “5 years after NCAA’s Sandusky sanctions: Why Penn State football is thriving”

BBC: “Martial law extended on Philippine island”

CNN: “What this staff shakeup tells us about Trump

FOX: “STAYING BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Trump Jr, Manafort strike deal with Senate panel to avoid public hearing”