Trump’s evangelicals respond to the death of Rush Limbaugh

“There was a generation of Christians who used to listen to Moody or Family Life radio all day, and sometime around 1990 they decided to listen to Rush five times a week instead. And here we are.”–TWOILH reader.

Limbaugh seldom talked about religion. He was not a Christian Right leader. But the Christian Right loved him.

Franklin Graham will miss Rush:

Paula White:

Gary Bauer at Facebook: “Heartbroken by this devastating news.”

Jim Garlow at Facebook: “An enormous loss. Brilliance. Staggering brilliance! The dispenser of truth. So glad he was honored by the President and the First Lady.”

Jack Hibbs at Facebook: “RUSH LIMBAUGH DIES AT 70”

David Barton shared the Fox News obituary at his Facebook page.

Charlie Kirk of Liberty University’s Falkirk Center with a few very predictable tweets:

Jenna Ellis of the Liberty University Falkirk Center:

Falkirk Center: