The Liberty University Falkirk Center continues to promote evangelical Trumpism:

Yesterday I noted that Calvary Chapel-Chino Hills has emerged as a prominent site for Trump’s evangelical lost cause movement. Today I highlight (once again) the “think tank” associated with this movement: Liberty University’s Falkirk Center.

It continues to baffle me that the Falkirk Center keeps championing “truth” while at the same time giving oxygen to the Trump’s “Big Lie” and carrying water for one of the most deceitful presidents in American history:

Charlie Kirk supported and enabled a president who most U.S. Senators, even many of those who voted to acquit Trump during his impeachment trial, believed had something to do with the insurrection on January 6, 2021. Now he wants the troops to go home. He is partially responsible for this $500 million bill.

Does Liberty University know that one of their spokespersons is tweeting stuff like this. Do they care?

I am guessing that in the minds of the Liberty University brass, the Clinton tweet is offset by the following tweets:

One of the Falkirk Center fellows appears to be taking course on racism at Princeton Theological Seminary. A quick Google search reveals that the four-week online course is taught by Dr. Carolyn Helsel. I wonder if Dr. Helsel knows that one of her students is on Twitter trashing her course. Which leads me to ask: Why is Darrell Harrison taking this course?

Another Falkirk Center fellow, David Harris Jr., is firing-up the base for 2022:

Harris was watching a different trial than most Americans and most Senators, even most who voted to acquit.

The Falkirk Center director prefers “biblical” over “evangelical or “Christian.” If the stuff the Falkirk Center spews regularly on its social medial platforms is “biblical,” this evangelical says “no thanks.”

Folks at the Falkirk Center are still questioning the validity of the election. Here is Christian Lasval. He holds the position of “Influencer Administrator” at the Center:

Two comments to close:

First, not all Christian universities are the same.

Second, reforming Liberty University in the post-Falwell era should begin with closing the Falkirk Center.