What happened when GOP congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler wished her constituents a “Happy Valentine’s Day”?

Yesterday we did a post on Jamie Herrera Beutler, the Washington congresswoman who was prepared to testify that House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy told her that Trump supported the insurrection of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Herrera did not testify, but a statement by her was read into the trial record so the Senate jurors could consider her testimony in their deliberations.

We also noted that Beutler is an evangelical Christian–a member of City Harvest Church in Vancouver, Washington and a former student at Seattle Pacific University.

Here is Beutler last week:

Beutler is one of the heroes of the second Trump impeachment trial, but not everyone in her district agrees with me. Today on her Facebook page, Beutler wished her constituents a Happy Valentines Day. Here are a few of the responses she received:

  • “Even when being impeached, he wins…twice.#Trump2024 #Senate
  • “For most of your term you have been ineffective and a non-factor.Your last move shows you are another political airhead grifter who gets elected and begins running for re-election, planning for a cushy job when you leave, and making certain to do what is needed so you get invited to all the best parties.Time for you to go!”
  • “Is it true you offered to testify at the Senate impeachment. They decided not to have testimony? Go home!”
  • “While you might have meant well with this posting, Jaime Herrera Beutler, people in your district are looking for more leadership and representation from you than a cutesy Valentines post. Get started addressing real issues and coming up with some solutions and results. without that you don’t have a chance to ever regain the trust and respect of your constituents.”
  • “She’s timidly testing the mood of the people by changing the subject. I expect more than hearts and Easter bunnies from elected officials.”
  • “She has shown her true colors and how badly she fails at representing the people who elected her into office. She needs to go and blessedly we have plans of doing just that.”
  • “You need to be primaried. Your impeachment vote is not the only time you stabbed us in the back. And Happy Valentine’s to you.”
  • “Happy Valentines to you! Thanks to Mitt Romney you’re my 2nd favorite Democrat. 🤣🤣
  • “Nice try sell out. Your ploy didn’t work. You will be voted out next election”
  • “Disappointed that you left your people behind to make peace with Democrats who have gone out their way to put your people out of work ….consider my support gone”
  • “I want my vote back👎You said you were a Republican…. when really you Are NOT!!!”
  • “You are just another disgraceful RINOAbandoning President Trump and crapping on the first amendment while you watched Seattle riot and loot, set up an illegal zone with rampant crime destruction and murder! You should resign immediately.”
  • “Let us know when you start your next job … You know … Building solar panels along side all the union workers that lost their jobs on the oil pipelines …”
  • “You abandoned our president. Would like our donations we gave you back. Back stabbers our not for us.”
  • “Start counting the days til the next election, you are on borrowed time as far as your tenure goes, that was real show boating speech you had with McCarthy.”
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, and be true to your heart and switch parties, nobody buys your charade anymore.”
  • “Sorry but sweet Valentine messages won’t make up for your deserting your party and constituences!”
  • “My day is happy, hope yours sucks, hope you are voted out next election…..”
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy your new party! You will not win another election as a Republican. So long RINO.”
  • “You just showed your true colors …..turncoat ! Don’t Happy Valentines me !!! 👎🏻😡
  • “Happy Valentines Day to President Donald J Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on another, rightful, acquittal.”
  • “I supported you from the beginning. You sided with the losing. Hope they come through for you. You’ve lost my vote. I’d prefer not to hear from you or your campaign. I’m blocking you from my Facebook account.”
  • “You will never get another vote from our house. It’s time to Primary you out! Good riddence!”
  • “Wasted my vote on you”
  • “Trump 2024 !!!!!”
  • “You are a joke”
  • “I would closely examine any valentine gifts from you…. 2 face”
  • “Do traitors have a heart!”
  • “Traitor to your Constituents. Now nobody wants you. You won’t be back!!!!”
  • “Another worthless turncoat.”
  • “Unfortunately, I can never vote for you again. You are to represent your constituents and you have lost sight of that. It’s irrelevant that you feel strongly one way or the other. That’s your own personal thoughts but we didn’t elect you to vote your conscience we elected you to represent us. Two totally different things.”

We will see what happens in 2022. I imagine Trump will seek vengeance against Beutler by supporting a primary challenger.

ADDENDUM (6:31pm): A reader from Jamie Herrera Beutler’s district offers some helpful information:

I live in the WA-3rd and watch politics here closely.  Jaime Herrera Beutler knows exactly what she is doing, and she is doing exactly what she needs to do in order to survive in this district.  Of course you can find local rabid Republicans who are enraged at her. But that isn’t the whole story by a longshot.

First, WA, like CA, does not have partisan primaries.  We have a so-called “jungle primary” in which the top two from all parties advance to the general election. This essentially makes Herrera Beutler immune to a primary challenge from the MAGA right. WA is also a 100% mail-in voting state. In June 2022 the state will send out primary ballots to every registered voter in the district.  That primary ballot will have perhaps 10 candidates including Herrera Beutler, some prominent Dem that has rounded up the usual endorsements, and then an assortment of riffraff from Greens to Libertarians to right wing MAGA fringe candidates. It is inconceivable that Herrera Beutler will place 3rd or worse.  She has huge name recognition here and is always attaching her name to popular initiatives and then putting out press releases that the local media dutifully publishes. “Herrera-Beutler co-sponsors bill to expand child tax credit”  that sort of thing.  She will clean up among the vast suburban PTA mom independent voters who already liked her and like her more now. The 20% of rabid MAGA voters around here have zero chance of primarying her because it isn’t a closed GOP primary.  In fact they are so disorganized and idiotic that they won’t be able to coalesce around a single primary challenger anyway. There will probably be 3 or 4 of them all on the same primary ballot.

Second, Clark County (Vancouver) is one of the fastest growing urban areas of the state. This is essentially suburban Portland.  In the next redistricting coming soon, WA-3rd is likely to shrink geographically and become more of a suburban Portland district rather than a giant sprawling semi-rural SW Washington district that it is now. Especially if WA gets another congressional seat.  Which means if Herrera Beutler wants to survive in this district she needs to adapt to a purple district that will continue to trend further blue every year.

Unlike Republicans in other states, she has nothing to fear from her right flank and everything to fear from a well funded Dem challenger in a rapidly bluing district.