Louisiana GOP denounces Sen. Bill Cassidy

Louisiana senator Bill Cassidy voted to support the constitutionality of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial on Tuesday. The Louisiana Republican Party is not happy with him. (Some of you recall that a similar thing happened to Ben Sasse in Nebraska).

Here is a taste of Michael Scherer’s piece at The Washington Post:

In an unsigned statement, the party declared itself “profoundly disappointed” that its own elected leader, the most senior Louisiana Republican in Washington, would support a “kangaroo court” that amounted to an “attack on the very foundation of American democracy.”

But Cassidy, who just started a six-year term after being reelected by a 40-point margin, did not appear bothered by the threat of grass-roots anger back home, joining a growing list of lawmakers who have decided, for politics or principle, to buck the infrastructure at the lowest rungs of the party.

“As an impartial juror, I’m going to vote for the side that did the good job,” he said of the Democratic arguments he had heard in trial proceedings.

Read the entire piece here.