Trump evangelical Eric Metaxas makes sense of impeachment through the lens of charismatic prophets

Today the House Managers in the second Donald Trump impeachment trial have been arguing that the former president incited the insurrection on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021 and should thus be convicted of such a high crime. Yet many popular evangelical Christians continue to defend the former president and oppose what they believe to be a sham impeachment process. Eric Metaxas, an author and radio host, is one such evangelical.

Over on Rumble, Metaxas is still saying that Mike “MyPillow Guy” Lindell, the “main sponsor” of his radio show, has evidence that the Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election. He also talks to an evangelical prophet named Amanda Grace who claims to have received a direct messages from God about the impeachment. Grace says that God told her:

  • The 2020 election is “far from over.”
  • The Lord will punish the “wicked of this nation…including the media.” God will also punish members of Congress who did not support impeachment.
  • “We are going to see a Purim-like event.” She describes this as a “divine reversal.” It will look like God’s people are “set for destruction,” but God will rescue them from their oppressors.
  • The “delay” in restoring Trump to office is because God wants “all eyes to focus on him right now” so that they will acknowledge his work when he performs the miracle of restoring Trump to office.
  • That “a surprise is coming with this impeachment because you can’t impeach a citizen.” (Notice that her argument here is not based on how we should interpret the U.S. Constitution. It is based on divine revelation. As I have written before, THIS is why the founders said we must separate church and state. You can’t use divine revelation to interpret the U.S. Constitution. That is not how America, a country founded on the beliefs of the Enlightenment, works).
  • That we are going to hit a “pocket of turbulence” but I (God) am still “driving the plan.” Grace notes that God deliberately used the word “plan” instead of “plane.” She calls this a “play on words.”

Here is her most recent prophecy:

And the spirit of the Lord says this day. I am touching down and causing a split and a shaking and fear shall fall upon members of the House and members of the Senate. “Very unsettling,” says the Lord, as a surprise with the impeachment shall take place as the House and the Senate shall be shaken and more shall fall off the cliff of greed and power where they have crowded and crammed themselves in dancing around their golden calf they have wickedly constructed with the work of their hands. And as my children have come up higher as my Servant (Grace says the word “Servants” is capitalized in the prophecy) Moses did at Mt. Sinai, I the Lord will send their golden calf off a cliff–that graven image, that blasphemous people says the Lord. And I the Lord your God Yahweh shall invoke my law, which is much higher than any earthly law constructed by corrupt men who have made agreements with demons and devils and dragons and sheiks. And just as they think they can overstep their bounds with such a wicked plan. As they say “impeach,” “impeach,” I the Lord your God shall reach in an turn the tables over of these wicked merchandizers selling the freedom of the American people for securities and luxuries and pensions that are illegitimate and illegal, says the Lord. I shall overturn their tables and the scene so shall be made as truth comes forth cutting to the core of their plans. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth including with the ailing false leader says the Lord of hosts this day...For I am doing a work in your nation, for even if I the Lord told it to you, you would not believe it. Habakkuk 1:5. Yes the people of America are facing the Red Sea and Egypt is at their backs, however I the Lord and the equalizer. I the Lord can do the impossible. I the Lord am your deliverer. What you are seeing happening–what you have seen with the presidency has been delayed not denied for a time as the church and the House and the Senate, Congress, Governors, the internal working parts of government must be purged, says the Lord.

There is more, but I will stop there.

Grace announces that God told her the names of people in Congress who still stand for truth. Florida representative Matt Gaetz is one of them. Metaxas responds to the Gaetz reference with a hearty “oh, yeah!”

Grace says she sees 7-foot tall angels in powder-blue garments with long golden hair walking through her kitchen while she is talking on the phone. She says hello to them and continues talking on the phone because she is so used to their appearances.

I think it’s fascinating that Metaxas tries to bring order and some degree of rationality to these Grace’s prophesies. He wants “the raw data” on what God told her so he can analyze it. Metaxas suggests that Amanda Grace’s prophecies converge very well with the utterances of one of his favorite prophets, Mike Thompson. Here is a video of Thompson giving a pro-Trump prophecy in 2016, complete with YouTube ads: