It’s time for another look into what is happening in the world of evangelical Trumpism

It seems like some of the election fraud and insurrection talk has died down a bit. Trump’s evangelicals are starting to settle-in to the reality that Joe Biden is president. This means that they are returning to more traditional talking points such as abortion, religious liberty, and free speech. They are also hunkering down in their culture war bunkers to protect themselves from persecution and loft bombs at the Left. This is what I mean when I write about a politics of fear overcoming a politics of hope.

Let’s check-in on them:

Anyone who has followed James Robison’s social media feeds over the last few years knows that he is referring here to the Democratic Party:

Lance Wallnau is talking about “sheep nations” and “goat nations.” It’s almost like he is making this stuff up on the fly:

Here he is lecturing on “beast systems” that are somehow related to a global elite and the rise of Marxism and socialism:

In the following video, Wallnau plays the Charlie Kirk-Jack Hibbs conversation at Calvary Chapel–Chino-Hills. (See our post on this event here). Wallnau is concerned about young evangelicals losing their faith and is glad that Kirk and his organization Turning Point USA are working with churches to help these young people defend their beliefs against the forces of secularism. But what kind of “faith” does Wallnau want these kids to defend? He seems more interested in Trump apologetics than Christian apologetics.

Then he says that the 2020 election gave Joe Biden a “mandate” from the American people. Really? I would say a 306-232 victory in the Electoral College and a 7 million vote victory in the popular vote is a mandate.


Tony Perkins thinks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should resign. Perhaps he will also call for the resignation of conspiracy theorist and QAnon follower Marjorie Greene:

Johnnie Moore is clinging to Trumpian populism. Last time I checked Ben Sasse (NE), Mitt Romey (UT), Liz Cheney (WY), and Adam Kinzinger (IL) were not “coastal elites”:

Robert Jeffress was all over Fox News this week. In this interview he says the “GOP needs to stop playing footsie with conspiracy theorists” and “unapologetically embrace Donald Trump and his agenda.” Jeffress talks as if rejecting conspiracy theories and supporting Donald Trump are two different things.

He also made his regular stop on the Lou Dobbs show. Apparently Jeffress is not aware that the Mexico City Policy has led to an increase in abortions.

Eric Metaxas is “declaring war” on the “enemies of the United States of America” including Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Mayfair. Why? Because they have stopped carrying the products of pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike “My Pillow Guy” Lindell. Some of you may know that Lindell is the “main sponsor” of Metaxas’s radio show.