David Barton: If someone calls you a homophobe, just call them “a heterophobe.” (And other news from the world of evangelical Trumpism)

Yesterday the Senate voted 55-45 to move forward with Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. The vote put an end to Kentucky senator Rand Paul’s constitutional objection to the trial. Most GOP senators supported Rand’s motion to kill the trial, but Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Pat Toomey broke with the rest of their party and voted to go forward with it. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, sided with Paul.

The fact that only 55 senators voted to go forward with the trial (contra Paul’s motion) suggests that it will be difficult to get the 67 senators needed to convict Trump. The trial will begin on Feburary 9, 2021.

Let’s check-in some well-known evangelical Trump supporters. They no longer have access to the court, but they are still in Trump’s corner.

Christian Broadcasting Network journalist David Brody, who calls out other journalists for sharing their opinions on social media, apparently has opinions of his own:

The Independent Network Charismatic (INC) community is still trying to figure out how so many of their prophets got the 2020 election wrong. Mario Murillo believes that the “true prophets” coupled “the promise of Trump’s victory with a call for the church to repent. “False prophets,” he says, “spoke as if we were entitled to an automatic victory.” Here is more from Murillo:

…God ordered the American Church to rally around Trump. The true remnant struck the ground, but many others did not. Some misguided voices diluted the church’s ability to run with the prophetic promise.

‘Woke’ voices, such as Beth Moore and Jim Wallis, notably made it their mission to insult and demean both Trump and his voters. At no time did they offer any sort of meaningful alternative to God’s provision for America.

Nevertheless, we struck the enemy three times, and we actually did win the election. Trump won by a landslide. But we did not get the full victory that would have come if the fraud had been exposed and overturned. That victory was in God’s original plan, but the American Church’s response was simply too little, too late.

We could have taken more authority over demonic power. We needed the lukewarm to repent. That is why we saw the Supreme Court collapse, and why Mike Pence and other Republican leaders chose to save their own political careers, rather than save the nation.

On January 6th, a demonic blanket of evil fell over Washington as Antifa, and BLM protestors posing as Trump supporters, along with a few misguided rightwing extremists, allowed the march to walk into a trap, release great tragedy, and handed the enemy an excuse to try and destroy Trump permanently.

That plus the lethal combination of ‘woke’ Christians, false prophets, and assorted cowards, combined to weaken the enforcement of the true prophecy that Trump would remain in the White House. Instead, we have a puppet and a Jezebel spirit lurking in the people’s house.

Read the entire blog post here. INC prophet Lance Wallnau shared Murillo’s piece and offered similar thoughts of his own.

Meanwhile, Twitter permanently banned Mike “My Pillow Guy” Lindell from its platform. Here is Lindell on Fox News defending himself:

David Barton offers some advice for how his followers should fight the culture war. For the record, I don’t know of anybody in the LGBTQ community who opposes heterosexuals for being heterosexual.

Richard Land is singing the praises of the 1776 Commission Report and actually equates it to scripture. (Deuteronomy 6):

Here is more from Land on the deeply problematic 1776 Commission Report:

Land should stick to running his conservative seminary. He has absolutely no clue about how to do history.

Ralph Reed weighs-in on the impeachment trial. One might think he would welcome the trial since it will distract Congress from moving on Biden’s agenda. Nope:

We could have used more of this nuance from 2015-January 19, 2021:

Well, so much for nuance:

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