Spring 2021 will bring big changes at The Way of Improvement Leads Home. We would love your support!

Some things are changing in America. Other things are staying the same. And we at The Way of Improvement Leads Home will continue to chronicle this moment in our history and offer useful historically-informed commentary. We always need good American history, but we need it more than ever in times of great social and political change.

In April 2021, we will be announcing some major changes to our platform. (Teaser: “The Way of Improvement Leads Home blog and podcast are not going away). Our supporters will learn about these changes very soon in a patron-only announcement at our Patreon site.

The transition will require a stronger support base. When I started The Way of Improvement Leads Home, I told myself I would never clutter the site with ads. I also wanted to remain independent, so I have regularly turned down invitations to join larger blogging network that pay bloggers. Instead, I decided to help fund our work through Patreon.

So if you have benefited from our writing and podcasts over the years, please consider becoming a supporter through Patreon. Click here to get started. You can support us for as little as $1 a month.

And yes, mugs and signed books are still available for patrons!

And for our loyal patrons: THANK YOU for your ongoing support!