Ed Stetzer: “there is…an evangelical reckoning to be had”

Ed Stetzer, the director of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center, has some important things to say about yesterday’s insurrection. Here is a taste of his post at Christianity Today:

The way Trump has conducted himself cost Republicans the Senate this week. When you fill people’s minds with falsities of election fraud it, not so shockingly, depresses the vote.

In the coming months, I believe many more will see these things more clearly, as we sort through the damage done.

More than the political situation, I fear an enduring damage to our witness as (white) evangelicals have been so closely aligned with this president.

There’s an American reckoning coming…

But there is also an evangelical reckoning to be had.

For now, we know three things.

Character matters.

Elections have consequences.

And, so do conspiracy theories.

Read the entire piece here.