Is “Trumpianity” the latest “folk religion?”

Over at Legal Reader, Dawn Allen calls it a “mashing up” of “Christian nationalism, prosperity gospel, fear, grift, and a less than angelic figurehead.” That sounds about right. Here is a taste of her piece:

Just like any other purely American innovation, Trumpianity also contains a grain of hucksterism at its core. Trump’s visible support for the Evangelicals is, as always with him, transactional, and he and his base feed off of each other. Trump’s increasingly desperate efforts to retain power even as the sun sets on his Presidency mirrors the struggle of Evangelicals and Christian nationalists to tighten their grip on a country where social and demographic changes are slowly marginalizing their agenda. As support, they not only sign off on the legitimacy of his actions against democracy, they fill his pockets with their money, which he says he needs to pay his legal bills.

Instead, those donations, from people who are surely struggling in an economy mangled by the virus he refused to take seriously, are headed elsewhere. Some is paying off Trump’s campaign debts, and a quarter of it goes to the Republican party’s coffers. The rest funds a loosely regulated Political Action Committee (PAC) that could be used to underwrite campaign costs for other candidates, such as a potential Senate run for Ivanka Trump. Or, he could just pay himself and his family a salary for a while. The world is full of possibilities when you’re a grifter with a religious following.

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