Message to court evangelical Charlie Kirk: Land can’t vote

I logged on to Twitter today and found Charlie Kirk trending. Kirk is the court evangelical who co-founded (with Jerry Falwell Jr.) Liberty University’s Falkirk Center. In the last six weeks, the Falkirk Center has established itself as the leading evangelical voice for Trump voter fraud conspiracy theories. Its “fellows” include Kirk, Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis, and Salem Radio hosts Eric Metaxas and Sebastian Gorka.

Today Kirk tweeted this:

Kirk, who never attended college and has probably never taken a course in American history, American government, or political science, does not seem to understand how American elections work. I will let middle school history teach Matt Lakemacher explain:

For example, Trump won King County, Texas 151-8. He won Kenedy County, Texas 127-65. Biden won Harris County (Houston), Texas by over 200,000 votes. Trump wins in counties were very few people live.

I actually think Charlie Kirk does understand this, but he is banking on the fact that most Americans do not. In other words, this evangelical Christian who preaches in megachurches on the weekends, is being deliberately deceptive.

I like the way this math teacher puts it: