Eric Metaxas sings the praises of Steve Bannon

I mentioned this briefly in today’s court evangelical roundup.

Today on court evangelical Eric Metaxas’s radio show he played white nationalist Alt-right leader Steve Bannon’s speech to the “election integrity” prayer meeting run by fellow court evangelical Jim Garlow. In August, Bannon was indicted for wire fraud and money laundering in relation to the We Build the Wall fundraising campaign. Metaxas says that “every syllable” Bannon uttered during the prayer meeting was “gloriously important.”


Bannon tells the evangelical leaders on the call:

  • “If we lose this fight to really secure and close on this massive landslide victory that President Trump won on November 3, we’re gonna cease to be a republic.”
  • That Trump’s victory in 2016 “was providential” because he “stood up to the elites.”
  • That Trump “overwhelmingly” won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and New Mexico.
  • To “put pressure” on their state legislatures.
  • Not to let Joe Biden “take control of this government.”
  • To call Georgia governor Brian Kemp and Arizona governor Doug Ducey even if they do not live in that state.
  • That Trump gave them a voice.
  • If one of the “contested” states decertifies the election, people will take to the streets and it will make June [2020] look like a church picnic.”
  • They must “bet it all” on Trump because the “Holy Spirit works through human instruments.”
  • That on November 3, “we had an election stolen in the dark of night.”

Garlow gets on after Bannon is done and says that this is a “battle between good and evil.” Then he promotes Bannon’s Alt-right radio program.

Metaxas listens and takes notes. I have never seen him this quiet for so long.