Evan McMullin on how to defeat Trumpism and win back the GOP

In 2016, Evan McMullin, a former CIA operations officer, ran for president. Many Republican never-Trumpers voted for him. He got 732,273 votes and broke write-in vote records in several states. In a recent New York Times op-ed, McMullin lays out a future for the Republican Party that does not include Donald Trump or Trumpism. Here is a taste:

Although we hoped that defeating Mr. Trump would start to right the Republican ship, our efforts over the last four years have not been in vain. We defeated and removed immoral and dishonorable Republicans like Roy Moore, Dana Rohrabacher, Steve King and Martha McSally. We turned out to ensure that Democrats nominated a unifying leader whom a majority of voters could support. And we were a key part of the coalition that defeated Mr. Trump himself.

But the NeverTrump movement has mostly been inward looking thus far. It emerged to defeat Mr. Trump and defend foundational principles such as self-government, liberty and justice, sovereignty, pluralistic society, the sanctity of all life, decency and objective truth.

But to turn back Mr. Trump’s dangerous ideology, which has survived his defeat, and move America forward, we must build on these ideals and look beyond ourselves.

We must now offer our own vision for the country capable of uniting more Republicans, Democrats and independents to advance solutions to the immense challenges we face. Because Trumpism will be on the ballot again, in 2022 and 2024.

It should start with unyielding commitment to the equality and liberty of all, and then to facts, reason and knowledge. It should champion democracy and its improvement and cherish life in all its phases. It should promote personal responsibility, limited government and government’s vital role for the common good. It should advance justice for all, and uphold the personal and religious freedom of a diverse people.

Read the entire piece here.