The Trump “intellectuals” defend voter fraud

Linda Chavez reminds us that a few conservative thinkers are supporting Trump’s claims of election fraud. They include William Bennett (of Book of Virtues fame), Roger Kimball (editor of The New Criterion), and law school professor John Eastman. Here is a taste of her piece at The Bulwark:

The intellectual dishonesty here is breathtaking. For individuals and organizations that champion the rule of law and claim the mantle of the founding principles of our nation to call for overturning an election reeks of hypocrisy. It was one thing for them to advocate for so flawed a man as Trump to lead our nation. But the American people have spoken and to continue to claim that the election was stolen, that votes were fraudulently counted, is to attack the very foundations of our democratic institutions. They sow distrust in democracy itself—formerly the provenance of the far left. Politicians may fear the wrath of Trump’s legion of followers if they speak out, but what is it that drives the “thinkers” like Bennett and Eastman? They should know better than to parrot insane conspiracy theories and promote specious legal arguments.

On January 20, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. But we should never forget the role of those who tried to subvert the peaceful transfer of power. They deserve ignominy, not because they opposed Biden’s election, but because they tried to undermine democracy.

Read the entire piece here.