Eric Metaxas talks to Donald Trump. This is what court evangelicalism looks like.

Pennsylvania GOP state senator Doug Mastriano, who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, appeared on the Eric Metaxas Show today. You may recall Mastriano from the recent sham hearing conducted by a group of GOP Senators. During the interview Donald Trump called Mastriano’s cell phone. Here is what happened:

After Trump got off the phone, Metaxas continued the interview with Mastriano. This is what court evangelicalism looks like:

Mastriano is trying to overturn the election in Pennsylvania through a bill that will allow GOP state senators to choose presidential electors from the commonwealth. 29 out of 50 state senators in Pennsylvania are Republicans. Only 9 of them support Mastriano’s bill. But the whole thing seems irrelevant since the Pennsylvania legislative session ends tonight. If Mastriano’s bill does not pass by 11:00pm tonight, he will need the PA state legislature to call a special session to vote on his bill. It is not going to happen. Metaxas wants Pennsylvanians to call their state legislators and demand that they support Mastriano’s bill.

Here is the saddest part of all of this. There are people who actually believe Metaxas and Mastriano are providing them with accurate news and information about this election.

Metaxas wraps-it-up with more sycophantic drivel: