When you lose the *Washington Examiner*


The Washington Examiner is a conservative website and weekly magazine. Byron York, the Examiner’s chief political correspondent, wrote today about the legal team Donald Trump has charged with finding voting fraud in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Here is a taste:

Nevertheless, the Trump campaign had sought to stop certification of Pennsylvania’s results, set for today. Roughly 6.9 million people voted in the state, with Joe Biden winning by 81,000 votes. There was no way the judge was going to do that, based on two voters in a case in which the Trump campaign didn’t even sue the right counties. So on Saturday night, the judge threw it out. The Trump campaign will appeal.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. On Thursday, Powell had alleged that there was an international conspiracy, fueled by “the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China,” to overturn a Trump victory in the election. She alleged that the Dominion voting system and Smartmatic software, originally developed for Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, had flipped hundreds of thousands or even millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. She said that she would prove Trump “won by a landslide.”

When journalists, notably Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, asked Powell to provide some evidence to back up her charge, she refused. That led to a weird divide among some Trump supporters. Journalists questioned Powell’s case while some supporters attacked the journalists, saying Powell had the evidence but had no obligation to reveal it to the public. It would all come out in court, they said.

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The 73 million people who voted for Donald Trump have empowered the president and his legal team to contest this election. But at least they got their judges.