What court evangelical, Liberty University spokesperson, and Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis said about the president in 2016

Jenna Ellis, a spokesperson for the Falkirk Center at Liberty University and a member of the Trump legal team, keeps-up a steady stream of pro-Trump tweets. Here are a few things she has tweeted in the couple of days:

Who is Jenna Ellis? According to her LinkedIn profile, she is a graduate of Colorado State University where she majored in journalism. She received a law degree at the University of Richmond. She taught “legal studies” at the conservative evangelical Colorado Christian University and worked for a year at the James Dobson Family Institute.

And according to recent reporting from CNN, she has not always been a fan of Donald Trump.

Here is a taste:

Jenna Ellis has been one of President Donald Trump’s most ardent defenders since joining his campaign as a legal adviser and surrogate a year ago, but in early 2016 she was one of his toughest critics and deeply opposed his candidacy, according to a CNN KFile review of statements she made on her official Facebook page and in local Colorado radio appearances.

Ellis, an attorney and former law professor from Colorado, repeatedly slammed then-candidate Trump as an “idiot,” who was “boorish and arrogant,” and a “bully” whose words could not be trusted as factually accurate. She called comments he made about women “disgusting,” and suggested he was not a “real Christian.”

In one March 2016 Facebook post, Ellis said Trump’s values were “not American,” linking to a post that called Trump an “American fascist.” She praised Mitt Romney for speaking out against Trump, referring to him as “Drumpf,” — a nickname coined by comedian John Oliver after a biographer revealed Trump’s ancestor changed the family’s surname from Drumpf to Trump.

“Why should we rest our highest office in America, on a man who fundamentally goes back and forth and really cannot be trusted to be consistent or accurate in anything,” Ellis said in one April 2016 radio appearance.

In March 2016, Ellis attacked Trump supporters in a Facebook post for not caring that the Republican candidate was “unethical, corrupt, lying, criminal, dirtbag.”

In another post, she said his supporters didn’t care about the truth.

Read the rest here. As David Dark recently wrote, power is “alluring.”