*Inside Higher Education* investigates Liberty University’s Falkirk Center

Click here for previous posts on the Falkirk Center, the culture war-wing of Liberty University. Rick Seltzer’s recent piece at Inside Higher Education argues that the center’s political advocacy is pushing the boundaries of what is legally acceptable for a private, non-profit, university.

This part of Seltzer’s article is particularly revealing:

Falkirk has run about 50 advertisements on Facebook and Instagram this year that the social media giant marked as being about issues, elections or politics, according to Facebook’s ad library. It’s spent roughly $51,000.

Most of those ads were not about President Trump specifically and did not picture him, although one other ad prominently featured a Republican candidate for a congressional seat from North Carolina and one featured Vice President Mike Pence. Other ads from the center tend to feature conservative personalities or mirror right-wing themes — for example, arguing that churches should be allowed to open during the pandemic, supporting the Second Amendment or arguing that the Black Lives Matter movement is anti-Christian.

Whether any of the advertisements could be interpreted as violating federal rules for nonprofit organizations is murky at best. Experts shown the ads tended to agree that Falkirk is pushing the limit in a few cases without clearly violating it.

But even if the organization isn’t risking its nonprofit status, its advertising tactics are notable for their strong political focus and amplification of culture war talking points.

A Liberty spokesman suggested in an email that it is politicians who are mirroring Christian conservatives’ — and Liberty’s — long-held beliefs, not the other way around.

Notice that this Liberty spokesman essentially admits that the negative, hate-filled tweets emanating from the Falkirk Center represent Liberty’s “long-held beliefs.” If you are unfamiliar with what the Falkirk Center has been spewing this year, read this piece.

Read Seltzer’s entire piece here.