Only five days left in antebellum America

My friend and fellow historian Eric Miller is telling his students that we are living in a new antebellum America. The word literally means “before a war.”

The election is November 3, but the real drama is going to take place between November 4 and January 20. I fully expect Trump to contest the election. It is not going to pretty.

Here are the latest poll averages courtesy of Real Clear Politics:

Florida: Biden is up 1.4% (On Monday, Trump was up 0.4%)

Pennsylvania: Biden is up 4.3% (On Monday, Biden was up 3.8%)

Wisconsin: Biden is up 6.4% (On Monday, Biden was up 5.5%)

North Carolina: Biden is up 0.6% (On Monday, Biden was up 0.7%)

Michigan: Biden is up 6.5% (On Monday, Biden was up 9%)

Ohio: Tie. (On Monday, Trump was up 0.6%)

Minnesota: Biden is up 4.7% (On Monday, Biden was up 6%)

Iowa: Biden is up 1.0% (On Monday, Biden was up 1.4%)

Arizona: Tie. (On Monday, Biden was up 2.4%)

Nevada: Biden is up 4.6% (No change since Monday)

Texas: Trump is up 2.3% (On Monday, Trump was up 2.6%)

Georgia: Biden is up 0.4% (On Monday, Trump was 0.4%)

Virginia: Biden is up 12% (On Monday, Biden was up 11%)

New Hampshire: Biden is up 12% (Last week Biden was up 11.4%)

Maine: Biden is up 8% (Last week Biden was up 13%)

Colorado: Biden is up 9.5% (Last week Biden was up 9%)

New Mexico: Biden is up 12.8% (Last week Biden was up 14%)