27-year-old court evangelical Charlie Kirk calls John Piper “a fool”

I don’t agree with some of John Piper‘s theology, but I respect his ministry and believe he is a true and authentic Christian who has a deep love for God and the Bible. I have learned a lot from his work, especially Desiring God.

Charlie Kirk is an arrogant kid. He is an internet troll and spreader of false information. Kirk never went to college. He has no theological training. He has no ministry experience and very little life experience. Yet he seems to have no problem calling Piper a “fool” for his recent remarks about the presidential election.

This is deplorable. Kirk gives voice to these Christians.

Kirk’s speech is also filled with so many historical, theological, and political errors that it is hard to know where to begin a critique.

Watch Kirk at Gregory Locke’s Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Let’s also remember that Kirk is the co-founder, along with Jerry Falwell Jr., of Liberty University’s Falkirk Center.

UPDATE (8:37pm):