*Rolling Stone* on Liberty University in the age of Trump

Check out Bob Moser’s comprehensive piece at Rolling Stone on Liberty University and its disgraced president former president Jerry Falwell Jr. Those who have followed this story won’t find much that is new in the piece, but it is the most comprehensive article I have seen on Liberty and Falwell in the age of Trump.

Here is a taste:

Most people I interviewed recalled a particular time when it became totally, irrefutably clear to them that Falwell was morphing into a very different character and that the climate at Liberty was changing along with him. This convo was the one for Sauskojus. “It was the clearest before-and-after moment,” she says. “All of campus was like, ‘Oh, shit!’ And from there on, all through that next election year, it was just one political convo after another. By the time Trump came on MLK Day, a lot of us were like, ‘Oh, OK, some of the things Jerry says aren’t just because he’s bad at public speaking. It’s because he’s espousing what is just an ugly and racist brand of evangelicalism.’ ”

Read the entire piece here.