The Trump administration in 9 tweets

Check out Travis Andrews’s Washington Post piece “Commander in Tweets.” It’s all there, from “covfefe” to “witch hunt.”

Here is a taste:

Politicians have always taken to the latest technology to craft their images, whether President Franklin Roosevelt’s “fireside chats” on the radio or President John Kennedy’s news conferences on television. Twitter has offered Trump immediacy and rendered pesky handlers somewhat obsolete, as reaching his 87 million followers takes one click of a button.

“The greatest weakness politicians have is they’re inauthentic. Behind closed doors, they do offensive things. But when they’re in public, they act with perfect decorum,” said Ari Fleischer, a Fox News contributor who served as President George W. Bush’s press secretary. “I think one of the reasons Trump remains politically competitive is because a lot of Americans credit him with being authentic, even if he goes too far.”

Jamie Weinstein, a conservative political journalist and host of the podcast “The Jamie Weinstein Show,” predicted that the account has so resonated with Trump’s base and so infuriated his critics that “when the president leaves office, his Twitter account still will probably be the most powerful Twitter account in the world.”

As Election Day approaches, we selected the defining tweets of Trump’s presidency, the ones that made the most impact and highlighted major themes from the past four years.

Read the entire piece here.