The U.S. just recorded the most coronavirus cases in nearly two months

COVID-19 has claimed 200,000 lives. For those who have are still living, our lives have changed drastically. Meanwhile our leaders parade around the White House without masks. There are many who still believe masks do not help stop the spread of the virus, including many in my own evangelical community. (Just look at my Facebook Author page).

While rank-and-file Americans wear masks out of a commitment to citizenship, care for their neighbors, and religious stewardship, those at the Amy Coney Barrett event last weekend in the White House–senators, representatives, White House officials, and so-called “evangelical leaders”–walk around without masks.

Take, for example, Jerry Prevo, the interim president of Liberty University. While other Christian colleges are doing everything in their power to control the virus, Prevo parades around the Rose Garden without a mask.

Franklin Graham, who tested negative after the event, schmoozed with Trump aide Kelly Anne Conway and Attorney General Bill Barr. Ralph Reed is seen shaking hands. No one is social distancing or wearing masks.

This is what happens when Christians enter the court. Just ask Father Jenkins of Notre Dame, who wrote a letter of apology to the university students and staff after lowering his moral guard amid the social pressure of the court. I wonder if Jerry Prevo will issue a similar apology? (This gives a whole new meaning to Liberty University’s quest to become the “evangelical Notre Dame.”)

Is Ralph Reed contact tracing all the evangelicals who showed-up at his Faith and Freedom Coalition event this past week?

Meanwhile, the coronavirus is not going away. Here is Jay Cannon at USA Today:

The news of President Donald Trump and members of his inner circle testing positive for COVID-19 has sent shock waves across the country, but it’s not just the White House dealing with an onslaught of cases: Friday’s nationwide case count was the highest daily total in nearly two months.

There were 54,441 positive cases of the coronavirus reported on Friday, the highest single-day case count since Aug. 14, when the country recorded just over 64,000 cases, per Johns Hopkins University data. 

The country’s daily cases peaked on July 16, when 77,362 positive tests were reported. 

Meanwhile, deaths have held relatively steady in recent weeks, as the weekly average is down a bit from a flare-up in late July and early August. Still, 906 Americans were announced dead from COVID-19 on Friday.

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