How Trump’s rhetoric is shaping evangelical prayer

Trump is telling everyone that the Democrats are trying to steal the election. Rather than trying to make it easier for Americans to vote, he is trying to prevent people from voting because he thinks mail-in-ballots will not be properly counted.

Of course there is no evidence of widespread election fraud in the United States and several states have been voting by mail-in ballots for years.

Our founding fathers did not let all Americans vote. Over the years, the suffrage (democracy) was extended to African-Americans and women. These were hard- fought battles. So why wouldn’t Trump be working with all his power to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote in this pandemic? This is what democratic presidents do. But Trump knows that if more people vote in this election he will lose.

Trump has now said multiple times, including at last night’s debate, that he would contest the vote count if he loses.

Again, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that mail-in ballots lead to widespread voter fraud. But some evangelical leaders are allowing Trump’s narrative to shape how they conduct their ministries. Here is court evangelical Robert Jeffress:

Future historians will note not only how evangelicals are rallying behind Trump, but how Trump is influencing the way evangelicals practice their faith.