“There’s no COVID. It’s a fake pandemic created to destroy the United States of America”

Last night in Freeland, Michigan:

Kirsten Powers nails it when she says:

It’s interesting listening to that man who said ‘The good Lord is going to protect me and I have to go on with my life. I’ve heard some version of this from various Trump supporters. And yet when the caravan is coming, allegedly, the ‘good Lord” is not going to protect them. When Antifia is coming, the “good Lord’s not going to protect them. None of it makes sense. The things that they choose to be scared of and that Donald Trump scares them about aren’t even the real things they need to be worried about and yet they’re in this panic. And then you have the president saying [to Bob Woodward on tape) that “I don’t want to cause a panic” when that is essentially all he does as president is try to incite panics in the country and among the people who support him.

I also found it interesting that the man who said COVID is not real was wearing a shirt that said “Grace Adventures.” This appears to be an evangelical Christian camp and retreat ministry located in Spring Lake, Michigan. I write this not to disparage Grace Adventures, but to note that it is likely that this man who denies the existence of COVID is an evangelical who represents the feeling of a lot of Trump-loving evangelicals, including California megachurch pastor John MacArthur.