Metaxas: “It just happened”

If you are not familiar with this story get up to speed here and here and here.

Here is a taste of Paul Glader’s piece at Religion Unplugged:

Best-selling author Eric Metaxas acknowledged to Religion Unplugged that he hit a protester on Aug. 27 who was verbally harassing Trump supporters as they left President Donald Trump’s speech during the Republican National Convention at the White House.

A video posted to Instagram early the next morning by a Portland, Ore., based account that supports anti-police causes and protests shows a man wearing a “Portland” shirt riding a bicycle through a crowd of formally dressed people as the cyclist yells, “F*** you! F*** Trump!”

The man swerves near Metaxas, his wife and Bishop Harry Jackson, a pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Md. Some sources tell Religion Unplugged that the man rode near them a few times before the filmed incident in which Metaxas pivots and hits the man in the head from behind.

“It just happened,” Metaxas said in an email to Religion Unplugged executive editor Paul Glader (disclosure: Glader has appeared on Metaxas’ radio show before to discuss stories from Religion Unplugged. Metaxas asked Glader not to quote this email, but Glader had not previously agreed the conversation was off the record and had made clear his intent to report on the topic). Up until this point, Metaxas has not explicitly acknowledged his role in the incident.

Metaxas said in his email that he became fearful and tense because the rider seemed “violent and crazy and menacing” and that Metaxas did, indeed, try to “Knock him away” in that split second.

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