Roger Stone visits a Tennessee church to talk about his conversion, but spends most of the time talking about pro-Trump politics

Stone saved

Roger Stone has found Jesus. The Trump supporter convicted for witness tampering and sentenced to 40 months in federal prison apparently came to the Lord in prison. Trump commuted his sentence in June.

Last month, after Stone appeared on the Eric Metaxas show, I wrote: “Stone makes no apology for anything. He is the same arrogant Roger Stone, but now he works for the Christian Right. Stone says that he no longer has to plot revenge against his political enemies because now God will punish them.”

After listening to this interview, I found it hard to separate Stone’s Jesus language from the court evangelical language I hear every day from Trump’s born-again Christian followers.

Over at the Austin Statesman-American, Jonathan Tilove reports on Stone’s recent visit to Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Here is a taste of his piece:

“I stand before you as living proof that prayer works, and that God will deliver his people,” Stone said Sunday.

“I am a 40-year friend of President Donald Trump,” Stone said, establishing his bona fides for any skeptics in his audience. “I wanted him to run for president in 1988. I wanted him to run again in 2000. I wanted him to run in 2012. And I thank the Lord that finally, he decided to run, with God’s guidance, in 2016.”

“For my support of Donald Trump. I endured a three-year nightmare,” Stone said, recalling his pre-dawn SWAT-style arrest, which, he said, didn’t even give him time to dress appropriately.

“But I did emerge from my home in handcuffs wearing a Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong t-shirt. You can get yours at,” Stone said Sunday, pitching his tent revival. “Get yours now, because you’ll be able to sell it to the Smithsonian later.”

And then there is this:

Stone recalled the late pastor, Kim Clement, who prophesied the Trump presidency: “Trump shall become a trumpet, says the Lord.”

“He had a number of extraordinary prophecies, which have come true,” Stone said. “He prophesized that a man would rise from the North to save the American nation, and his name was Donald, and he would be elected president. He predicted, almost to the number, the surge in our stock market and the recovery of our economy. He predicted the failed impeachment against our president.

“And then he spoke about another effort, by the New World Order, in this case Goliath, to take down America.”

At this point Stone loses me a little but, apparently the Lord was asked, ”`What is your plan for this giant?′ And He said, `I shall take a simple s(S)tone. Remember that name. And he will hold that s(S)tone up and they will laugh at him. But the plan is so brilliant,′ said the Lord, ` that it could only have come from me.’”

“I do not claim to be the Stone mentioned in that prophecy,” Stone said. “I may be. Maybe I’m not. But I do know this. God spared my life for a purpose. He will reveal to me what it is he wants to do.

“And I am ready to do battle for the Lord,” said Stone, who by this point had long since removed his double-breasted coat, appearing, with his white hair and suspenders, for all the world like the protagonist in a summer stock production of Inherit the Wind, based on events the occurred a couple of hours southeast of here.

Pastor Locke, who three days earlier had been among the invited guests on the South Lawn of the White House for President Trump’s acceptance speech for the Republican nomination for a second term, declared himself impressed by Stone’s preaching.

“You know, it says something about the church landscape in America, when Roger Stone has more gospel and more courage than the average pastor in the United States of America to stand up and risk his life for the truth of Jesus Christ.”

Read the entire piece here.

How many new converts to Christ talk about politics more than spirituality. This is what much of evangelical Christianity has become. Watch the speech and decide for yourself. It starts around the 34:00 mark.