Falwell Jr. seems defiant. Says the pool boy’s story is “90% false” and claims he took an “indefinite leave” because he “needed a short break from work”


Now this is the Jerry Falwell we have come to know.

According to The New York Times, Liberty University will make an official announcement about Jerry Falwell’s future tomorrow. (This is an ever changing story. The posts at this blog are in chronological order). But Falwell seems defiant. He has denied interviews to several news outlets, but he seems to trust a website called Virginia Business. Tonight he told reporter Kate Andrews that the pool boy’s Giancarlo Granda’s account of his affair with Becki Falwell is “90& false.” He also seems to think his “indefinite leave” is something akin to a sabbatical.

Here is the Virginia Insider piece:

Although other news outlets have reported that Jerry Falwell Jr. has agreed to resign as president and chancellor of Liberty University, Falwell said in an interview Monday evening with Virginia Business that such reports are “completely false.”

He said that he has not agreed to leave the post permanently, nor does he plan to, although he is on an indefinite leave of absence following a series of controversies this summer. Falwell added that Reuters’ report released Monday that a former business associate, Giancarlo Granda, had a years-long affair with Falwell’s wife, Becki, with his full knowledge was “90% false.”

Falwell said in a brief phone interview Monday that he had told the Liberty Board of Trustees earlier in the summer that he needed a short break from work.

After he posted what he called a “stupid picture” on Instagram — a photo he says his wife took of him and her assistant, both of whom had their pants unzipped and bellies sticking out — the board said it would be better to call the sabbatical a “leave of absence,” Falwell said. “I don’t care what you call it. I’ve been at this for so many years and under so much stress, I decided I needed a three-month break.”

He said he’s “enjoying it, except for the press.”

Read the entire piece here.