“A Christian Statement on Science for Pandemic Times”

Corona Healthcare

The statement comes from BioLogos, an evangelical organization that “invites the church and the world to see the harmony between science an biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation.”

Read the statement here. It makes biblical arguments for wearing masks, getting vaccinated, correcting misinformation, and working for justice.

The statement has been endorsed by:

  • Christian author Philip Yancey
  • Christianity Today president Timothy Dalrymple
  • Fuller Theological Seminar professor Mark Labberton
  • Theologian Lisa Sharon Harper
  • Theologian Richard Mouw
  • Biblical scholar N.T. Wright
  • National Association of Evangelicals president Walter Kim
  • Wesleyan Church Superintendent Emerita Jo Anne Lyon
  • Writer Peter Wehner
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Ed Larson
  • President of Baker Books Dwight Baker
  • Church historian Justo Gonazalez
  • New Testament scholar Scot McKnight
  • Court evangelical Samuel Rodriguez
  • Theologian Kevin Vanhoozer
  • Messiah University historian of science Ted Davis
  • Calvin University college president Michael LeRoy
  • Christianity Today¬†editor Daniel Harrell
  • Texas Tech University professor Katherine Hayhoe
  • Dallas Theological Seminary theologian Darrell Bock
  • Former North Carolina governor James Martin