Liberty University names Jerry Prevo acting president of Liberty University. He’s a Falwell family loyalist.


Jerry Prevo is acting president of Liberty University

Here is Sarah Rankin and Elana Schor of the Associated Press:

RICHMOND, Va. — Liberty University in Virginia announced Monday that its board had chosen an interim president to lead the school days after Jerry Falwell Jr. began an indefinite leave of absence after one of his posts on social media created an uproar.

Jerry Prevo, who has served as chairman of the school’s board of trustees since 2003 and recently retired as the senior pastor of a Baptist church in Alaska, will assume the role of acting president immediately, Liberty said in a news release.

Prevo expects to work from the Lynchburg campus starting Aug. 17 and will step aside from his position on the board for the duration of the new role, according to the news release. The board’s executive committee appointed Prevo, Liberty said.

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Prevo is 74-years old and the former pastor of the Anchorage Baptist Temple in Alaska. He was an honorary co-chair of Trump’s 2016 campaign in Alaska. He has a long history of engaging in Christian Right causes and was a friend of the late Jerry Falwell Sr., the founder of Liberty.

Prevo took a trip with Falwell Sr. and other Christian Right pastors to South Africa in 1985.  This trip took place after Falwell Sr. called Desmond Tutu “a phony” and blamed “communist agitators” for the anti-apartheid unrest in the country. (Sound familiar?)

Sat, Aug 24, 1985 – Page 33 · The Morning News (Wilmington, Delaware) ·

Here is an article about a stunt Prevo pulled in 1985 in order to mock an anti-apartheid protest outside his church.

Tue, Oct 8, 1985 – Page 8 · Daily Sitka Sentinel (Sitka, Alaska) ·

Prevo apologized:

Wed, Oct 16, 1985 – Page 5 · Daily Sitka Sentinel (Sitka, Alaska) ·

And what Christian Right warrior would not have criticized Dr. Ruth?: Wed, Jul 30, 1986 – Page 6 · Daily Sitka Sentinel (Sitka, Alaska) ·

Prevo’s approach is straight out of the Falwell Sr. playbook:

Fri, Oct 24, 1980 – Page 19 · Argus-Leader (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) ·

Rather than understanding the new leadership at Liberty University in terms of change, we should probably see it in terms of continuity. Prevo is a Falwell loyalist. Don’t expect any reforms.