Why did the Liberty University Board of Trustees put Jerry Falwell Jr. on indefinite leave?


Hint: Answer is in the last paragraph.

Was it because he created a Blackface face-mask and tweeted about it?

Was it because the aforementioned tweet hurt Liberty’s athletic program?

Was it because Black students and employees were leaving Liberty?

Was it because African-American alums could no longer endorse the school?

Was it because he supported Donald Trump’s idea about delaying the 2020 presidential election?

Was it because he told a wild tale about how his father did not like the word “lynch” in Lynchburg?

Was it because one of his Vice Presidents started writing for the alt-Right Breitbart news?

Was it because he “doesn’t think anyone should be able to tell him what to do?

Was it because he called a Liberty University parent a “dummy?

Was it because he founded a “think tank” with a mission statement that said the biblical command to “turn the other cheek” was “no longer sufficient” when engaging on the “cultural battlefield?”

Was it because one of his best faculty members left because she couldn’t take the culture of the school any longer?

Was it because he thought there was a “criminal conspiracy” to oust him from power at Liberty University?

Was it because he admitted that he is not involved in the spiritual or Christian dimensions of Liberty University?

Was it because he told an evangelical megachurch pastor to “grow a pair?”

Was it because he got rid of the Liberty University philosophy department?

Was it because he left a late-night voicemail with a New York Times reporter telling her that she is “in some serious trouble?

Was it because he went on Fox News and blamed the coronavirus on Trump’s political opponents and a secret collaboration between Kim Jong Un and China?

Was it because he wants Liberty University to secede from the state of Virginia and join West Virginia?

Was it because he said that the editor of Christianity Today ignored “the teaching of Jesus?

Was it because he said that his religious faith does not inform his politics?

Was it because he likes to hang out in a Miami nightclub?

Was it because he called Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore “nothing but an employee–a bureaucrat“?

Was it because Michael Cohen had “racy photos” of him and his wife?

Was it because he employed a man who was rigging online political polls in favor of Trump?

Was it because he was sending alumni e-mail addresses to Republican candidates?

Was it because he advised Donald Trump to fire Jeff Sessions as Attorney General?

Was it because he censored the Liberty University student newspaper?

Was it because he refused to let progressive evangelicals hold a religious revival on Liberty’s campus?

Was it because he said that Christ “did not forgive the establishment elites?

Was it because he said that Donald Trump “has single-handedly changed the definition of what is ‘presidential’ from phony, failed & rehearsed to authentic, successful & down to earth”?

Was it because he defended Roy Moore when he was accused of molesting teenage girls?

Was it because he said he would join alt-Right Trump adviser Steve Bannon in driving “fake Republicans” from office?

Was it because he called Donald Trump a “dream president?

Was it because he praised Trump’s Charlottesville comments?

Was it because he defended Trump’s comments on the Access Hollywood tape?

Was it because he told Liberty University students who were protesting Trump’s visit to campus that they “are going to be making fools of themselves?”

While I am sure some people at Liberty University were troubled by all these things, it was a photo with a glass of wine, unzipped pants, and his hand around a woman’s waist that FINALLY got the Liberty Board of Trustees to act. This is classic evangelicalism. It’s OK for the president of the largest Christian university in the world to do all the things I listed above, but in the end it all comes down to sex and alcohol.

A president linked to sex and alcohol, not all these other things, is what is most likely to hurt enrollment numbers at Liberty University.