Why did Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. post a picture of himself with his pants unbuckled, underwear showing, a glass of “wine” in his hand, and his arm around a woman’s waist?

Jerry Falwell Jr. just can’ stop doing stuff like this.

Falwell tweet

Here is Relevant magazine:

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. posted — and then apparently deleted — a bizarre Instagram post in which he appeared with his shirt hiked up and his pants unzipped, standing next to a woman identified as a “friend.” In the caption, Falwell wrote the drink he was holding was “just black water” and a “prop only.”

The post was captured by Houston Chronicle reporter Robert Downen before it was deleted. The caption says that “Lots of good friends visited us on the yacht.”

Apparently the folks at Liberty University’s Falkirk Center tried to get him off the hook:

In the hours after the screenshot of the photo was posted, Falkirk Center fellow Malachi O’Brien tweeted that the photo was “not President Falwell.” The Falkirk Center is the conservative thinktank Falwell started in partnership with Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. O’Brien deleted that tweet and posted an update, confirming “it was Jerry.”

O’Brien also said that the photo in question was “taken out of context of the other photos w/ it.”

“What it was was being used to imply is ungodly & seems to have been posted out of context for that reason,” O’Brien tweeted.

Read the entire piece here.

Maybe there is indeed black water in the glass. Maybe we are seeing Falwell’s SPEEDO and not his underwear. Some have told me the girl in the picture is a family friend. Or perhaps the picture needs some context.

But all of this does not dismiss the fact that at some point Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of a large Christian university, thought that it was a good idea to pose for this picture and then post it on his Instagram page.

UPDATE (3:04pm): This pic is apparently related to this video:

Jerry Falwell Jr. Deleted Trailer Park Boys Yacht Video from PulpitPen on Vimeo.