Will Evangelicals Remain Silent in 2020?

Spiritual DangerHere, again, is veteran evangelical leader Ron Sider:

In September, 2016, I talked with a very prominent evangelical leader whom I deeply respect He told me that he did not know anyone on his huge board of directors of more than 50 prominent evangelical leaders who supported Donald Trump for president. But—except for a very few courageous evangelicals like Russell Moore, Michael Gerson and Max Lucado—they did not have the courage to speak out publicly. 

 And their people voted for Trump! 81% of white evangelicals supported Donald Trump on November 8, 2016.

Already in 2016, we knew that Donald Trump lied regularly and made frequent racist and sexist statements. We already knew that Trump lived a sexual life  that was fundamentally contrary to biblical ethics. Today, four years later, the evidence is much more abundant and clear.

The president has referred to Haiti and certain African nations as “shit-hole countries.” He has called Mexicans seeking asylum “rapists.” Instead of condemning the white nationalist and Nazi sympathizers in the Charlottesville, Virginia, 2017 march, President Trump insisted there were fine people on “both sides.” The Washington Post reported in January 20, 2020 that President Trump had made 16,200 false or misleading claims since becoming president. Long-time Republican Peter Wehner labels President Trump a “compulsive liar”. President Trump denounces journalists’ stories he does not like  as fake news. He denies the overwhelming scientific consensus on global warming. No democracy can thrive  (or even survive) if its political leaders reject the distinction between truth and falsehood and refuse to base their policy decisions on the best knowledge available.

At least as troublesome as his personal immoral behavior is his long list of public policies that are both dangerously wrong and fundamentally unjust by biblical standards.

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