Robert Jeffress: “I imagine George Washington had his share of critics who accused him of a photo-op when he knelt down in prayer at Valley Forge”

The court evangelicals continue to weigh-in. We covered them yesterday. Here is some more from Robert Jeffress:

This is awful:

  1. I want to hear Jeffress talk about systemic racism–the racism that is deeply embedded into American economic, political, and social life.
  2. The famous “photo-op” of George Washington praying at Valley Forge is an 1866 rendering of an event that probably never happened. I wrote about this extensively in Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?: A Historical Introduction.
  3. Jeffress is being disingenuous. He knows that Trump raised the Bible at St. John’s Church as a political stunt. This was no act of solidarity with anyone. It was yet another act of narcissism. Trump used the Bible as a political prop to bolster his re-election campaign.

ADDENDUM (June 5, 2020, 12:28pm):

A reader just sent me this:

Great post.  I had one more thought about Jeffress’s really bad historical analysis.  Even if one believes that the Valley Forge myth really happened, a key part of the whole story is that Washington went off by himself to pray in private.  The story was that a local farmer happened to stumble across him by accident.  Washington, in the myth, was doing opposite of a photo-op, which was supposed to show both his Christian commitment and character of integrity.