Maybe Robert Jeffress and His Fellow Court Evangelicals are Missing the Revival Happening Right Before Their Eyes

Watch Jeffress appearance tonight with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News:

We did some math. Jeffress spoke for a total of 169 seconds. He spent 8 seconds talking about race in America. He spent 161 seconds praising Donald Trump and law and order.

People like Robert Jeffress are always praying for a revival in the church. Perhaps what is happening right now in the streets of America is a wake-up call to the church. Perhaps God is pointing out the sin of racism structurally embedded in American culture and institutions. Perhaps the real purpose of all of this is not “law and order” but social healing. Perhaps Jeffress and his court evangelicals are missing this movement of God. Maybe God is bringing a revival in an unexpected way, or at least unexpected for white Christians. Perhaps.

Jeffress calls St. John’s Church “the most historic church in America.” I am sure the good folks at Trinity Church in New York, Christ Church in Philadelphia, Sixteenth-Street Baptist Church in Birmingham,  the Jamestown Church, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and a host of Catholic missions might give St. John’s a run for its money.  Maybe it’s the most “historic” because Jeffress preached there on the day of Trump’s inauguration. He seems to bring that up in every interview.