Conservative White Working Class Evangelical in Alabama on Trump’s Photo-Op With the Bible: “It made me want to throw up a little bit.”

Trump St. Johns

Matthew Teague is doing some really interesting local reporting at The Guardian on the way southern white evangelicals have been responding to Trump’s photo-op with the Bible on Monday. Yesterday, he introduced us to a woman in Tallahassee, Florida who said that Trump’s walk to St. John’s Church was a “Jericho Walk.”

In today’s piece, we meet Daphne Kidd. Here is Teague:

So while evangelicals lifted Trump to power by voting together, they may prove his undoing if a contingent breaks away. In which case his campaign might shudder to hear of evangelical believers like Anthony Kidd in Daphne, Alabama.

During the week Kidd works at a salvage yard, and on weekends he does audio work during church services. He’s conservative. 

“The past few years he has done things that are good for Christians, I’ll grant that,” he said. But when he saw Trump lift the Bible outside St John’s, he said, “It made me want to throw up a little bit.”

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