Court Evangelical Johnnie Moore Brings the Spin on Trump’s Appearance at St. John’s Church


Johnnie Moore, a prominent court evangelical who claims he is a “modern day Dietrich Bonhoeffer,” is still drinking the Kool-Aid.

Here is what Christian Broadcasting Network journalist David Brody tweeted today:

Moore Trump 1

Moore trump 2

  1. Moore is doing his duty for the president. I would not be surprised if the White House asked him to make this statement. This shows that the Trump campaign is very, very nervous about holding the evangelical base in 2020. I am also guessing that the campaign is worried that the stunt he pulled at St. John’s Church on Monday may have backfired with many evangelicals.
  2. What Trump did was the very definition of a photo-op. Merriam-Webster defines a photo opportunity as “a situation or event that lends itself to and is often arranged expressly for the taking of picture that give favorable publicity to the individual photographed.”
  3. Moore says that Trump’s photo-op was an “act of solidarity.” He is right. Trump was solidifying his white evangelical base and other parts of his base that demand “law and order.”
  4. Based on Trump’s speech in the Rose Garden just prior to the photo-op, there is no way what he did at St. John’s Church had anything to do with defending the right of peaceful protest, especially since he cleared-out peaceful protesters just prior to the photo-op. More on this below. Please don’t buy this spin. It no doubt comes straight from the White House.
  5. Moore seems to be saying that Trump stood before St. John’s Church not because it was a sacred site, but because it was a historical monument. His references to the Lincoln and World War II monuments suggest such an interpretation. If Moore’s interpretation is true, why did he hold up a Bible? Note that there is NOTHING in Moore’s statement about Trump holding-up a Bible. The fact that Trump held-up the Bible undercuts Moore’s entire interpretation of the event.
  6. The bishops were prophetic voices of truth. Trump used the military to drive-out peaceful protesters so he could have a photo-op. Bottom line. How they accomplished this, whether it was tear gas, pepper bombs, or rubber bullets, is beside the point. Don’t let Moore distract you.

Other court evangelicals are also falling in line: