Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida Cuts the Positions of 34 Professors

SoutheasternIt’s happening.

Small colleges, many of them Christian colleges, are making significant cuts in order to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Southeastern University is the largest Assembly of God educational institution in the United States. According to the school’s Wikipedia page, the school has 7,000 students.

Here is Southeastern theology professor Chris Green:

And here is a local news story:

LAKELAND — Southeastern University is cutting the positions of 34 professors as it prepares for the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

The positions stretch across academic departments, SEU spokeswoman Dana Davis said Tuesday.

The university’s administration posted an update Monday describing steps the school is taking to address the expected financial toll of the pandemic and resulting restrictions.

“This undoubtedly will be the most difficult challenge in the history of our university, but make no mistake, we will adjust … we will adapt … and we will innovate so that we continue to equip students to discover their purpose and place in this world,” the statement said.

Davis said nearly all of the cuts will affect locally based faculty. Southeastern also operates about 150 extension sites around the world.

“They’re beloved members of our community, and it’s very, very difficult,” Davis said. “The whole community’s kind of mourning just the impact for these faculty members.”

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