What Happened in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Today?

This is what occurred today about six miles from my house:


  • There is no social distancing happening.
  • There are very few masks.
  • I imagine that many of these folks will return to my community at some point today.
  • Police officers are in the middle of it all trying to do their jobs.
  • There is a major hospital about one mile away. Access may be hindered by this protest.
  • There seems to be an equal number of Gadsden flags and American flags.
  • I see a lot of pro-Trump flags. Trump encouraged this rally. At the same time, all of these people are violating Trump’s social distancing recommendations. I can’t think of a better example of Trump’s incompetent handling of this crisis.
  • When CNN interviewed many of these folks, especially the ones without masks, some said they thought the coronavirus was a hoax and could not hurt them.
  • A concrete truck drives through with the words “Jesus is my vaccine” painted on it. (09:48).
  • There are also signs that say “Ban Homo Marriage” and “Lock Her Up” (with a pic of Hillary Clinton). This is a Trump rally.
  • One sign said “Stop Playing Politics With People’s Lives.” I wonder if the person holding that sign realizes the irony.
  • Another sign says, “God Never Lets A Crisis Go to Waste. God Uses It For Our Good.”
  • One speaker, obviously parroting something he heard on Fox News, says, “This is the most irrational, unscientific, and  biggest overreach to a viral illness in the history of our country.” (1:00:00).
  • At the 1:12:00 minute mark, the speaker says that most Pennsylvanians are taking “social distancing to heart.”  Really?  Can’t he see what is right in front of him? He also compares this virus to the common flu.