More on the How the Press is Doing What the Church Should be Doing

Last night I apparently upset some people by saying that the press is now doing what the church should be doing.  Read that post here. I stand by that post, and double-down with this video:

How well are we, the church, doing at speaking truth to power in this moment? Is there anything we can learn from watching the press at work?

As we continue to celebrate Eastertide, here is another quote from N.T. Wright.

The resurrection, in the full Jewish and early Christian sense, is the ultimate affirmation that creation matters, that embodied human beings matter. That is why resurrection has always had an inescapable political meaning; that is why the Sadducees in the first century, and the Enlightenment in our own day, have opposed it so strongly. No tyrant is threatened by Jesus doing to heaven, leaving his body in the tomb. No governments face the authentic Christian challenge when the church’s social preaching tries to base itself on Jesus’s teaching, detached from the central and energizing fact of his resurrection (or when, for that matter, the resurrection is affirmed simply as an example of a supernatural “happy ending” which guarantees post-mortem bliss). 

Wright, The Resurrection of the Son of God, 730-731.