Falwell Jr. Blames Coronavirus on Trump’s Political Opponents and Secret Collaboration Between Kim Jong Un and China

Watch court evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. this morning on Fox and Friends:


  1. Liberty University will stay open. Why?  I think we get some insight into Falwell Jr.’s thinking in my next points:
  2. He thinks the media’s coverage of the coronavirus is “the next attempt to get Trump.”
  3. He suggests that Kim Jong Un got together with China to deliver the coronavirus as a “Christmas present” to the United States.
  4. Let’s hope and pray that Falwell Jr.’s political loyalties and belief in conspiracy theories do not get in the way of his decisions to do the right thing for the students at Liberty and the greater community of Lynchburg.
  5. He also weighs-in on Vexit: “Washington D.C. suburbs now control every Virginia statewide election and that’s a result of a radical government enrichment. They’re passing all kinds of bills that are just contrary to what the majority of Virginians, not the majority of  Virginians, but the most Virginians as far as land mass support.”  What?

I am with Bill Kristol on this:

Let’s remember that not all Christian colleges are the same.