What Might We Expect in a Trump Second Term?

Trump Iowa

Several political observers and writers weigh-in at New York Magazine.

  1. Impeachment Redux
  2. A Politics of Pure Revenge
  3. The Justice Department Brought to Heel
  4.  A Big Tech Detente
  5. The Death of Global Climate Efforts
  6. More Hunger
  7. MAGA Budgets
  8. Silly Television
  9. A Democratic Party in Revolt
  10. A More Vulnerable Electoral College
  11. Nuclear Brinkmanship
  12. Extraordinary Stress
  13. Red State Entertainment
  14. Escalating Trade Wars
  15. Escalating Self-Dealings
  16. A Generation of Judges
  17. A Crisis of Faith
  18. The Wall, Abandoned
  19. Don Jr. 2024

Read the entire piece here.