Evangelical Pastor: Don’t Vote for Trump

RyerseIn September 2019, we brought your attention to Robb Ryerse, an evangelical, pro-gay rights, small government, medicare for all, anti-abortion, anti-confederate monument, pro-tax reform, and green energy Republican who ran for Congress in 2018.

Ryerse, who is the pastor at Vintage Fellowship in Fayetteville, Arkansas, has a recent piece at Time explaining why he is encouraging his fellow evangelicals not to vote for Donald Trump.

Here is a taste:

I was raised in a home where being an evangelical Christian and voting Republican were inseparable. I live in Northwest Arkansas, practice my faith as the co-pastor of Vintage Fellowship in Fayetteville and even ran for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District as a Republican in 2018.

Given all this, you are forgiven if you’re somewhat surprised to hear that I helped organize a rally for voters in Fayetteville against Trump and in support of Democrats this week.

When I’m not preaching, I work with a group called Vote Common Good, which aims to get evangelicals and other voters of faith to make the common good – not political parties – their primary voting criteria. And this year, voting for the common good means getting Trump and his enablers out of office.

Trump is an anathema to everything I was taught to love about Jesus, everything I was taught about how to live out my faith. His disdain for decency, disrespect toward basic tenets of right and wrong and complete disregard for the most vulnerable among us could not be more fundamentally un-Christian. To vote for him because he sees the political expediency of supporting restrictions on abortion is a Faustian deal with the devil that is ultimately more likely to exact greater cost than reward. Case in point: the astounding about-face in evangelical support for refugee resettlement since Trump took aim at the program.

Read the entire piece here.