CPAC Announces That Mitt Romney is “formally NOT invited”


If you want to know how conservative politics has changed in the last decade, just take a look at how the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) responded to Mitt Romney’s decision to vote with Democrats on whether to allow witnesses in the Donald Trump impeachment trial.

Here is a tweet from CPAC chair Matt Schlapp:

I thought it was interesting that Schlapp called his own announcement “breaking.”  What a sense of self-importance.  But I digress.

Let’s remember that Mitt Romney was the Republican Party’s nominee for president in 2012.  Today he can’t even get in the door at CPAC.

Let’s also remember that Mitt Romney got dis-invited from CPAC because he thought Trump’s National Security Adviser (John Bolton) could offer additional information to help him make his decision about whether to remove Trump from office.  It seems like Romney, in voting for more witnesses, was taking his job seriously.  Apparently this is not a “conservative” virtue.

Perhaps Schlapp’s organization should be called TPAC: Trump Political Action Committee.  Just look at this year’s lineup. It includes Mark Levin, Diamond & Silk, Nigel Farage, Devin Nunes, Candace Owens, Kayleigh McEnany, Buck Sexton.