No Fire Department Says “that [fire] started on the night shift, we are not going to put it out”


Will there be witnesses in the Donald Trump impeachment trial?  Utah Senator Mitt Romney and Maine Senator Susan Collins want to hear from John Bolton.  According to The New York Times, John Bolton’s forthcoming book reveals that Donald Trump told Bolton he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until the country’s officials investigated the Biden family.  I am guessing that other Senators will want to hear from Bolton as well. Stay tuned.

Up until this point, Trump and his defenders have said that witness are not necessary.  If the House impeachment managers want witnesses, the GOP Senators argue, they should have called them during the House impeachment proceedings.  Whatever you think about this argument, it is no longer relevant.   We now have a first-hand witness who was not available to the House during the impeachment proceedings.  He has relevant information.  He must be heard.

John King of CNN put it best. No fire department tasked with fighting a big fire says, “that [fire] started on the night shift, we are not going to put it out.”