Where are the Moderate Evangelicals Today?

Trump evangelical

We know where the court evangelicals stand on impeachment.  They believe that Donald Trump is God’s anointed and the Democratic opposition are working on behalf of Satan.  The Catholic Bishops have not made a statement. Christian Century magazine, an important voice of mainline Protestantism, supported impeachment.

Where are the moderate evangelicals?  Christianity Today has not commented on impeachment.  The National Association of Evangelicals has not made a statement.  The Twitter feeds of evangelicals who do not affiliate with the Christian Right are generally quiet.  Why?  Yonat Shimron of Religion News Service is asking a similar question.  In fact, I talked to her about this for her recent piece.

Here is a taste:

But there was no editorial on Trump’s impeachment in the pages of Christianity Today, the flagship news site for moderate evangelicals.

“It’s very much a political story, and it’s hard to find a uniquely Christian angle to it, which is what would be required for us to comment on it,” said Editor in Chief Mark Galli. “Certainly there are ethical issues at play, but there are ethical issues at play in every political story. If we commented on each one, we’d be Politics Today.”

Christianity Today did publish commentary by Ed Stetzer and Andrew MacDonald on Nov. 26, in which the two writers asked evangelicals to think through whether speaking out about impeachment will hinder or help their gospel witness.

The National Association of Evangelicals was likewise mum. An assistant to incoming President Walter Kim said he would not assume office until Jan. 1 and was not available to comment. Outgoing President Leith Anderson was unavailable.

Read the entire piece here.

A few quick thoughts:

1. The National Association of Evangelicals is going through a transition period.  Let’s give them a pass.

2. Mark Galli’s answer is disappointing.  I think a lot of moderate evangelicals look to Christianity Today for advice on how to think Christianly about political issues.  The impeachment of a United States president is pretty important, so I don’t think Christianity Today is in danger of becoming Politics Today if it brings some Christian thought to bear on this story.

3.  Perhaps moderate evangelicals have been quiet about impeachment because they are just too busy.  We are in the midst of Advent.  Evangelicals, and all Christians, have more important things to think about right now.